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IT Service Management: A key to Maintain Your IT Infrastructure

To run your business operation smoothly, you have to ensure that IT infrastructure and service management is well implemented.  In todays modern world, every business is connected directly or indirectly to IT.  You may have an online presence such as a website that connects to your customer.  Or any mobile application of ordering merchandise, all these are supported by your IT systems.  You have to maintain your IT systems regularly to ensure hassle-free operations.  IT Service Management is a framework to align IT services with business objectives.

For smooth functioning of your IT systems, you should have an IT-monitoring system.  We look for the most efficient service delivery however we usually get confused to in-house or outsourced  service model.  When you in-house IT Monitoring, it will definitely improve cost control, legal and governing compliance.  But with in-house IT-monitoring you maybe faced with the  below challenges:

  • Lack of access to up to date technical knowledge about which tools to deploy for different functionalities.
  • Inadequate bandwidth to accommodate resources for checking overall health of monitoring tools.
  • Lack of resources to carry out and sustain comprehensive monitoring.
  • Ongoing staff training costs.

IT services management companies or vendors offer comprehensive systems monitoring tools and services, foreseeing problems and carrying out troubleshooting to resolve them.  IT setup is different for different sectors and a dedicated service provider may use different tools for this purpose.  Whatever tool that is used by outsourced vendors, their main motive is to quickly identify issues and address them before it becomes a bigger issue.  That’s why they manage IT services in a way that services should be up and running at any cost with minimal to no downtime.  Managed IT services are in demand, some of the benefits of Outsourced IT services are:

  • By outsourcing IT monitoring services, a business can focus on its core activities.
  • Less number of contractual arrangements needed and it introduces fit for purpose service level agreement protocol.
  • Accurate reporting.
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction and high quality service delivery.
  • SLA set to ensure problem resolution on time.
  • Back up and other support issue directly addressed by the IT service vendors.

I, Mohammed Altaaf Sharif who is QLD Manager end user field services in Hewlett Packard Enterprise favors the outsourced IT monitoring service because it is more reliable.  An outsourced provider has a greater technical understanding and you do not need to hire more staff to fulfil this function and then have to keep training them on different solutions.  It is very satisfying to see when the client can focus on what it is they do best, their actual core business!

I, Altaaf Sharif believe this method leads to a  higher accountability on the outsourcing IT service provider.  Usually in an in-house setup, different people like to play the blame game and pass their responsibility on to one another.  However an outsourced system vendor takes care of every single issue, has SLA’s it needs to meet, has reporting requirements to keep you informed of what is happening and thus has higher accountability.

Above mentioned facts will help you to set up an efficient Managed IT services for your business.  Please contact me for help estabishing and transforming your business.  I can show you how to streamline operations with significant cost savings with NO affect on Quality of Service.


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