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Richard Rionda Del Castro

Key Trends and Challenges for Filmmakers in 2018

In this article, you will get the picture of the state of the cinema in 2018. And also come to know the 2018 key trends and challenges that may shape film industry’s future, shared by Richard Rionda Del Castro. Cinema is both the global industry as well as a technological art. Hence, it’s only natural that the trends and challenges should be intertwined in business, technology, and culture.

Let’s explore some of the trends and challenges for the 2018 filmmaker:


The Netflix Revolution

There will be a battle of media genius for the exploding coursing video market.

The move from television, cable, and DVDs to the Internet is altering film industry both inside and outside the theaters. Netflix has conquered the internet coursing industry by investing heavily in the making of series and features. Here are some figures:

  • Netflix has invested 6 billion dollars in video content in 2017.
  • The Netflix has announced that it is planning to spend 8 billion in 2018 on approximately 700 series and 80 feature films.

Challenges for Filmmakers

  • Netflix reaches 117 million subscribers, split about 50/50 between the US and the rest of the world, emphasis a producer at Hannibal pictures.

Full Frame Look

Many filmmakers will sightsee using Large Format cameras, and the different perception and depth of field they offer.

These days, there are many leading cameras along with large format sensors such as Arri Alexa 65, Panavision DXL, Sony Venice etc. Actually, shooting large format makes a diverse look. This is because the large format sensors entail longer focal length than standard Super 35. Thus, the filmmakers will generate images with extra out of focus areas.

full frame look

It will be captivating to see the influence of this optical viewpoint and depth of field on the stories director’s will tell. However, this does not mean that large format will completely replace Super 35. Because every filmmaker will never want the same look for every project. So, you can say, large format will become one more filmmaking choice, or maybe, a genre.


4K is becoming the standard for feature production and postproduction, and will be the forthcoming feature projection standard.

One of the reasons for the prominence of Netflix is the impact of its strict 4K rule for its own production. Netflix has stated that it will not generate any content shot with less resolution than UHD. You can go through Richard Rionda Del Castro biography to know more about filmmaker’s strategies. Many people believe that 4K was inexorable, but Netflix positively enhanced the trend.

4k+ feature production

Actually, the present crop of large format cameras provides resolutions of 6K and 8K. And it is uncertain whether that entails better resolutions in post-production and forecast. Some technologists including Michael Cioni and Dan Sasaki from Panavision, have figure out the advantages of oversampling in terms of finesse, for instance shooting 8K for an image in 4K.


TVs and Theaters

Today theaters will require new image technology to retain their audience.

The situation of movie theaters at the moment evokes the 1950s. Many years back, the studios introduced anamorphic lenses to provide broader sights than what individuals could grasp on their televisions. The difference is that these days, the televisions are better than theaters, Rionda Del Castro says. Let’s figure out:

  • Presently the televisions are proficient of higher frame rates than theaters.
  • The UHD television standard is equivalent to 4K resolution in theaters, but most of the screens are 2K at present.
  • Televisions have good dynamic range capability than theaters.

Franchise Fatigue

In an age of Series Cinema and falling American appearance, defy for the studios is to generate more original content that will bring individuals back into the theaters.

There is far fewer variable in the categories and subject matter of the top twenty movies than there is in their cinematography. And this is actually troublesome.

At the end

These are some trends and challenges given by Richard Rionda Del Castro that the filmmakers must aware in 2018. Hope this article will help you. All the best.

Richard Rionda Del Castro

Richard Rionda Del Castro: Here you can check breaking news and the latest updates about Richard Rionda Del Castro at Hollywood. He is known for his work on USS Indianapolis.