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By ERROL KWONG 1,967 views

Long-Lasting Architectural Designs And Home Decor In Melbourne

Do you know that the way you design and decorate your house speaks a lot about you? It shows your personality, flair for design, and taste. That is why it’s good to employ designers like Errol Kwong to help you bring your design to life. Errol Kwong is an innovative designer who has designed both private and public buildings in Australia. For all his beautiful projects, he always makes safety and sustainability his priorities.

Read on to find out about beautiful designs and decors that are available in Melbourne, Australia.

Home Designs and Decor in Melbourne

Stone Designs and Stone Furniture: According to Errol Kwong, a Melbourne resident, and designer, stone designs are now popular in Melbourne. It is common to see houses with monumental stone decor. Inside these houses, the living rooms normally have custom tables, fireplaces, sofas, artworks from famous artists, and rugs. The fireplaces are designed with limestones with limestone benches in front of them. This is then followed by luxurious oceanic lamps to light up the rooms in the dark.

Where the design came from

This wave of design came from Italy, a country famous for its wine, architecture, sports cars, fashion, and food. In Italy, cities like Milan and Rome use rocks formed from different minerals to design and decorate their homes. To them, stones represent solidity, integrity, and longevity. Therefore, Melbourne architects borrowed stone design ideas from Italy and used them in their designs. They especially integrated them into designing family homes for clients.

Monolithic Designs with Limestone Decor: Melbourne designers use emperor bricks to design hallways. The bricks are monolithic blocks with limestone deposits that preserve the building for a long time. It is often common to see such a timeless design in a three-story building in Melbourne. This type of design is typically seen in Melbourne’s suburban areas.

Wooden and limestone designs for the kitchen: Errol Kwong from Australia, says that many Australian homes have wooden and limestone kitchen designs. You’ll find cook-tops, American oak ceilings, island benches and walls in white colours, and sandblasted wooden cabinets drifted with veneer. Then, there are also limestone tiles for the floors and walls, and vessels for decoration. This is followed by custom-made solid brass, kitchen stools, and glass screens that pivot. These are architectural and home decor designs that have little effect on the environment, yet last long. They are ideal for families with children that want to build a house to have roots in a community.

Designs for the dining room: The dining room is a place where you sit down to enjoy your meal with your family around you. Hence, many people designed their dining areas with comfortable designs and furniture. Some houses in Melbourne have custom-made dining tables, American oak ceilings, and clam chairs. They complement these designs with limestone walls that are washed with acid. Additionally, they have cake stands for placing cakes on during birthdays, glass and inlaid brass, and veneer storage and shelves.

Many choose this design and decor type because they last longer and are ideal for large families.

Courtyard (Inner Basement) Design: The courtyard is a place to relax and have fun, grow plants, and air laundry. While the basement is a place to store things or later convert into a mini room. Some buildings have inner basement courtyards. These courtyards are tiled with Jerusalem limestone tiles to make them unique. To achieve this exact look, hire a professional landscape designer to do it for you. The best design isn’t only about fluff, but about durability and longevity. The courtyard should also be designed in a way that will make it easy to clean it.

Artistic design and furniture for inner basement courtyards: Another design type for those who have inner basements in their courtyards is the use of a cave-like design. The cave-like design is intricately done to have well-lit corridors that lead to stone-designed chambers. The chambers are decorated with famous artworks with spatial and refractive features, roll-side tables, and bitta chairs. Furthermore, the chambers have floor plans that give the space an enigmatic, serene, and special look. When you enter such a room, you’ll feel as if time moves slowly while enclosed in a modern world. Indeed, it is a blend of the past and modern times.

Bathroom Designs: New bathroom designs for Melbourne homes have emerged in recent times. Architects design the rooms as ensuite with large spaces. The bathrooms have furnishes like Alabaster sconces, custom-made limestone veneer-painted vanities, and large bathtubs. Others include tiles, sculptures, showerheads, and cabinets. Furthermore, there are entry chambers with lights of different colours that bounce around to give the room an ambient atmosphere. In addition, most of these bathrooms have passageways that direct you to brick archways that lead to communal zones.


Errol Kwong thinks that Melbourne’s architectural designs have come a long way and have become more interesting. Gone are the days when you are stuck with boring and lifeless designs. You now have many designs available for you to choose from. But as you are choosing them, remember that they must be environmentally friendly.

Errol Kwong

Errol Kwong started his career in architecture as a high school intern at Greenbrian Construction. There, he examined the cost of materials as well as the load capacity of various materials.