Love of Satguru Master

A soul who loves her Satguru truly; gets herself drenched in the color of the love of the Master, body, and soul. That soul prays in front of his Satguru, Allah, Waheguru, and Ram that,” Oh my Master! Your love has become such an ornament for me that I can not live without it.” These are the holy words of respected Hazur Pita Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Respected Guru Ji says that the soul says though many items of eating and drinking are required for sustaining the life I need only the love-affection from you for survival. I do not need the haughty support of any dignified person or the support of some highly intellectual wise man. I simply want your love-affection, because your love draws knowledge from dumb persons even, makes lame persons to climb the mountain and your love can de-moralize even lakhs with a straw.


I may be exempted from such a love which is there today and which is not there tomorrow. Therefore Oh Satguru! Grant me your love because your love is immortal and rest everything is mortal. The days passed under the shadow of your love are so blissful that even the sovereignty of Triloki is vapid in comparison. The devotee says what to say of one Triloki may there be all of the Trilokis, all of Khands- Brahmans, maybe Sach Khand even on one side and my Satguru on the opposite side; I will knock down the temptation of Sach Khand even for your love.

Respected Guru Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that those who walk in the love of the Lord never reveal themselves. They never show pride. They are not entangled in the web of mind and illusion. Since ostentation never remains unnoticed for long. Therefore Oh Guide! Grant me such love which is incomparable. That must not exhaust; not only in this world but in the next world as well, and the lamp of your divine love may continue to burn in each and every pore; in my heart and mind forever. Please remove those moments out of my life when there is no memory of you. Oh, Guide! When you granted your kindness-grace to me and took me under your kind shelter by granting your Naam.

Drenched this soul with the water of your love-affection, then this soul came to know that the worldly love is destructible; only your love is inexhaustible. His Holiness asked that what was there in this world? Those who are not married, yearn that he would have done wonders after marriage and those who are married wail that why they did not remain unmarried? It means that the lump of sweet in other’s platter seems thicker. This saying has not evolved for anything that distant music seems sweeter. Man is always attracted towards the lifestyle he never led. How long the beautiful lawn of your bungalow with blooming flower beds will last? For a month; to be the maximum. You will even forget about their existence after being busy in your business activities. But for those who gain the love of the Lord, even the autumn turns into spring. Flowers will bloom even in a desert, because wherever he will go his Satguru, Murshid-e- Kamil will arrange spring for him there. Even a moment of the love of Satguru is priceless.

It is said about Sheikh Farid Ji that he is hanging upside down in a well and crows are plucking his body with their beaks and Sheikh Farid Ji is saying that” Oh crow! Pluck my meat from the whole body but leave my eyes untouched because I have yet to see my Satguru with these.

Baba Ram Rahim

Citing another example of Bhilni respected Guru Ji said that she was a sadhvi who waited for the Shri Ram Chander Ji endlessly. From childhood to youth and from youth until old age came. She went on waiting. Recluses began to address her as an insane. Sadhus advised her to shun such Master for whom you have spent the whole of your life. Had you meditated so much to someone else, he would have lifted you by your arm by now. She rebuked them to keep quiet and to leave her alone. ”Be away from my sight, lest some curse may befall upon you people from my heart who has spent a childhood, youth and old age in the memory of her Master.” Who after getting up since dawn and waiting for the arrival of her Master by spreading flowers in front of her hut unblinkingly as to when her Master arrives? Neither hunger nor thirst nor the condition of her body may distract her. Only one desire stimulating the mind that my Master will come and put his lotus –feet upon these flowers and I shall kiss them and wash with my tears. When such love is generated in the heart of the concerned soul that how the Master can dare not to listen to anything from her. Therefore all used to fear from her. It is called true love.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that it is Kalyuga now; because as much pressure is exerted by Kaal that much mercy-kindness is enhanced by Dayal(Lord). If you undertake meditation with a true heart, remaining firm upon the promises then his divine kindness and grace can be earned certainly within a few months. But those days will not be added in the account of meditation which was passed in gossips and merrymaking. The fruits of service are granted, but it is equally important that if the guidance of Guru is bypassed then services rendered for Guru; under the direction of Guru, then the total service rendered so far is flattened side by side.

Earned from one side and squandered with both hands on the other side It is called time-pass. It is right that the credit of those Sat sang which were attended will be added in the account of the soul. But those who forget the love –affection of his Master and do not remember him feel tough to lead the normal life. Respected Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji mentions about Guru Arjun Dev that when the Guru of Guru Arjun Dev once sends him somewhere then he wrote him a letter that” Oh Guide! I feel that I am sleeping over the thorns these days. When I used to sleep on the ground under the spell of your divine love then I felt that I was sleeping over the velvet mattresses. Now I actually sleep over the velvet mattresses but am feeling that as I am lying over the cutting edge of the sword. Each and every moment seems like Kalyug to me. When that moment will arrive when I shall have the glimpse –(Darshan) of my Murshid-e Kamil and the whole environment turns into the spring season. Oh my Guide, Satguru call me back immediately near you. I can not live without you” Those who leave their Master feel like this. The heat of being away from their Master is literally burning them, they would prefer fire over HIS separation.

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