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Guru Baba Ram Rahim
By ADA BENTON 1,444 views

True Advice of True Saints

Heed the Advice of True Saints for True Bliss

Saints educate masses, guide all equally, now, it rests upon the devotee that to what extent he adopts the sermons. Man molds the discourses of saints according to his way of thinking. If an ordinary person recites the Naam of the Master with an open mind then they bless him with the prosperity of both the worlds, because the words of saints are the words of the Lord himself. These words were delivered by Hazur Pita Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan during the monthly Sat sang of U.P. conducted here on Sunday while addressing the devotees at Sirsa.

Respected Guru Ji said during the course of Sat sang that one thing always lurks in the human mind as for how to get peace of mind. Most people think the accumulation of wealth as the way to have peace of mind. They think that it is through cash-riches, land holdings etc which will grant all comforts of life. But so far numerous persons have departed from this world after earning and earning and yet they did not get rid of sorrows, grievances, and problems of life. This or that trouble went on surrounding them throughout their lives. They departed from here along with the weight age of those problems on their minds. All the riches-facilities were left here as it is. Still, man continues to run after the wealth in hustle-rush. Everybody is enmeshed in the web of corruption, dishonesty, and cheating. The world has become an inferno these days. Everybody is indulged in voluptuous and licentious acts. Whatever was predicted by our Peer- Prophets and Gurus during ancient days has come true now.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Stating further respected Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji said that the sight of saints is such that it can guess the thoughts going inside the minds of everybody. This is due to the experience of saints. Just as a farmer observes the field, businessman judges business, similarly saints read different persons daily. They observe all people who come to meet them. Their weaknesses, their qualities etc cannot escape from their sight, because of the kind-grace of Satguru upon them. Just as the physical state of a body can be studied properly by subjecting it to ultrasound or M.R.I. Allah, Waheguru Ram makes the sight of saints, even more, sharper than these, because they not only study the thoughts of human being going on then, but also what he has done in the past and what he is going to do now; up to a large extent, due to the kind-grace of Allah, Waheguru, Ram. While science has not got any machine so far to be able to tell about such things.

Saints sometimes say something out of blue about some person and he obeys them as it is; then those words prove very effective against harm due to his past deeds in the time to come. Saint always live the life of spirituality, hence every word said by them is connected to Allah, Waheguru, Ram. Saints, guide a hermit to shut his eyes during meditation so that his concentration of mind is developed, and attention is focused. But saints not only talk with their eyes open but working hard with open eyes they remain connected to Allah, Master forever. Just as lotus blooms in the mud similarly saints, while living in this world, and remaining connected to their Allah, Waheguru, Ram; guide the dirt-stuck public through sermons to remain clean and pure.

His Highness told that waterfall maintains its wings dry while swimming in the water. Similarly, human beings can also keep their feathers dry while living in this world of sex-lust, anger, greed, attachment, and pride and can fly towards that pious –holy Sach Khand. This all is possible through the recitation of Ram Naam. It is possible by constant meditation of the Master. It is not possible by intellectual discussions. If you will undertake continuous meditation of Naam-Shabad, Gurumantra then you will become capable to fly.

Respected Baba Ram Rahim Ji further said that the soul is imbibed in each and every pore of the human body. That part of the body becomes useless which the soul vacates. This is a fact. Constant meditation is a must. Go on doing meditation during routine work. Do it for an hour in the morning evening. After a few months, you will reach up to that locker called the 10th door. As soon as this locker will open by meditating on God’s words which acts as key nonstop with the tongue then that Allah, Waheguru, Ram will meet you who has not been made by us but who had made us. The way leading up to him will go on opening and you will go on rising upon the stairs, progressing further and further as and when you advance upon that path, you will have a feeling like flying.

A supreme blissful state will prevail. You may not know about your own light but it is more than the lights of three suns. Everything will be left behind and this soul will go on enhancing forward with the support of Ram Naam. Then you will reach in such a city existing upon spiritual regions, where everything like gold, silver, diamond-pearls is available but that is guarded by Kaal-Mahakaal (Satan). The highly melodious tunes playing there are millionth and billionth times sweeter than the tunes played here in this world. Ordinary soul wonders seeing these all and comes under the spell of illusion. The soul cautioned by the perfect Satguru does not stop here, sometimes.

There everything is multiplied by a trillionth of times and the visions of Satguru-Master are gained. The glow radiating from the shape of Satguru cannot be described at all. But all this will be seen only if meditation is resorted to. During spring season the sweet scent is scattered all around from the greenery blooming in the environment all over. But only one whose nose is open will be able to breathe it. Many things block the nose. Some have worries of children, some for son and others for milk. A lot of things render the nose choked and one is unable to distinguish what is fragrance and what is a foul smell. Only some rare devotee who gains kindness-grace of Allah, Waheguru, and Ram knows that during spring season there is bloom all around. Otherwise, the season of autumn prevails forever for many of them. Those who remain under the spell of their mind suffer autumn-throughout their lives and go back.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

All I mean to say is that man goes on refining to perfection as per the labor put in by him in his meditation. If you are interested in gaining access to Allah, Waheguru then goes on listening Sat sang, keep your eyes open, keep your mind and heart open, do not become narrow-minded. You have to determine that whatever step you want to take must be taken on firm ground. The sermons of saints must have listened and no opinion of your own has to be imposed. If you will read with an open mind; you will find that the scriptures of all religions carrying the same message. If studied narrow-mindedly then only the teachings of your own religion will seem to be right and rest as wrong. It is the difference in the way of thinking; the words of saints are also like this. Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj has written that Oh mendicant! Some say you to be a red chilly and others as Kashmiri apple. It is the difference of views only because some feel your sermons as painful while others feel the same to be comforting and balmy as Kashmiri apple. Keep your thoughts clean. Do not sit with aesthetics. Avoid the company of those persons who act on the behest of their mind and condemn others, as far as possible. If you are forced to hear the condemnation then do meditation for 5 minutes and pray to God that Oh Master! Save me from the confrontation of such persons and keep your kind grace upon me. Thus this meditation will result in the transfer of evil effect to his credit instead of you. Therefore saints guide everybody. Those who act accordingly earn the prosperity of both the words positively.

Hundreds of new aspirants were initiated with the priceless gift of Naam on the conclusion of Majlis and absolved them from the social evils like female foeticide and drug abuse and goaded them to contribute their might in the renewal of society. Devotees from Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, and U.P.enjoyed the holy discourses of respected Hazur Pita Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan with full enthusiasm.

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