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enterprise application services
By HEMA MANRAL 691 views

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Managed Enterprise Application Services Provider

Keeping track of different tasks of your business is not easy, it requires an army of employees to manage and complete the tasks. This is the reason why the businesses are availing Enterprise application services to lighten the load.

Hiring managed enterprise service providers can help you manage the technologies that support your business. As per the reports, it was stated that the Managed Services market grossed $145 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to $242.5 billion by 2021.

But do these services provide tangible value and are they really necessary? Before hiring a managed enterprise application services provider, you should consider numerous factors and ask a lot of questions. We have aligned top 10 questions that you should ask your managed services provider before making any decisions.

QUES 1: How well will your services help us in staying ahead of the competition? A professional managed enterprise application services provider will guarantee to streamline the onboarding process, close the gap between the live production operations and project initiation while achieving critical benchmarks. Moreover, they will make sure to tone down the risk of managing applications via compliance-driven approach.

QUES 2: How do you propose to provide your services so that we can easily adapt to the latest technologies quickly? Today, the competition is totally based on the technology and as a business owner; you will have to cater the clients as per their requirements. The process will remain the same but the technology will change periodically.

QUES 3: What is your services’ take on providing appropriate levels of transparency into issues without distracting? Where do your management services stop and responsibilities begin? Transparency is necessary for a business to operate smoothly.

QUES 4: How will the things work? How will you identify and repair problems with our infrastructure and in turn, maximize the environment? A quality managed services provider will not hide the mess from your view.

QUES 5: How will your services manage collaboration efforts and enhance innovation within our resources and enterprise? As a business owner, you will be limited to certain resources and infrastructure.

QUES 6: What are your technical specialties? IT industry is ever-changing; it will change with the latest technology trend. To gauge the best fit, look for the managed application services provider with experience and references in your particular field or industry.

QUES 7: What response time do you promise? An experienced managed service provider will respond to client requests and problems within a given period.

QUES 8: Do you provide services preventively and proactively? Proactive and preventive measures lower the total ownership cost over time. Avoiding proactive and preventive measures means that your business has outdated technology systems that are not managed or maintained correctly.

QUES 9: How will your managed enterprise application services allow us to be prepared for the future disruptive technology waves?

QUES 10: What are the ways using which your managed application services encourage partnership with our organization instead of providing another business transaction?

Ask these questions to every managed enterprise application services provider so that you can get to know whose services match your company requirements.

Hema Manral

Hema Manral is an eminent and professional writer, now she is imparting her experience and knowledge through informative blogs and articles.