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Mysore witnessed Showers Of God’s Name

Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan motivates people to shun social evils through Naam Daan and Ruhani Jam during the course of Satsangs, under the upliftment programme of humanity. During one such program in southern India, Mysore, tremendous enthusiasm was seen the locals to partake Ruhaani Jam and to adopt Naam Daan. Other than this, many foreign tourists also enjoyed the spiritual discourses of revered Guru Ji.

Under the scheme to grant new direction to general society respected Guru Ji acceded to the request of the students and teachers of local Mahajan Degree College and Maharni College to step in there. The student community welcomed Guru Ji with flowers and flower vases while tossing in ecstasy. During the sat sang conducted in the Town Hall of My sore respected Guru Ji initiated thousands of new aspirants with Ram Naam. Muslim community members also took part in Sat sang in large numbers and took Ruhaani Jam and vowed to keep humanity alive. Respected Guru Ji says that everything except Prabhu, Ram, and Allah Waheguru is changeable and religions are a study in mega-science.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Elaborating on the purpose of the human being to come on this planet, His Holiness says that the prime duty of a man is to worship the Lord as per the tenets of our religions. Getting up early in the morning between 2 to 5 AM is very important for sumrin of Gurumantra for an hour daily. This time period is designated as Brahm Mahurat in Hindu mythology and in Islam religion as Bange- Illahi waqat, Khudaya waqat. In the Christian religion, it is called God’s prayer time. The second duty of a human being is to earn his livings through hard work and legal means, and the third duty is to love everybody universally through selfless motives.

Continuing further revered Guru Ji says that the first and foremost duty of a human being is to remember the Master but the man of today remembers the Lord only if some need arises. For example, if a man has a large business enterprise, and he comes to know that a severe setback to it is imminent. Then he rushes to temple and prays that “Lord! Stop my loss, I shall offer a parshad of Rs 100/- to you.” But this idea never crosses his mind that that very Lord who is capable of stopping his loss worth lakhs of Rupees; can also go to the tuck shop and buy parsad? Man while going with parsad of Rs.100/- to temple offers a slice to the Lord and gulps down the rest.

Respected Guru Ji further says that man considers himself as quite clever and thinks God as a child. Just as if we have to take some job from a child and lure him/her through a toffee, chocolate, etc. The child attends the work willingly. Likewise, the man also treats God in the same manner and offers laddus, pedas, and rasgullas in lieu of watching his interest. But when the job is done then he never remembers him again. People treat God like a toy. While in fact, God has made us all, and man can never befool that Lord.

Continuing further His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that it is written in the holy scriptures of all religions that God is omnipresent, but man while going to Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, Church, etc washes his hands bows and prays and does everything and as soon as he comes out of the premises forgets everything and begins to do evils again Does man suppose that God resides in temples, Church, Mosque or Gurudwara only? Why so? God is omnipresent, inside our bodies even. Supreme Soul can be seen everywhere if one remembers him sincerely.

What is true feeling? In order to have access to God, one has to create intense and earnest desire with true emotion in one’s heart. For example, if some child of you is residing at a faraway place from you. She/he gets an accident and you are unable to know whether he/she is alive or not. Tears begin to roll down incessantly from your eyes If such an emotion-devotion –feelings arouse in your heart for meeting the Master and you weep, then that Almighty God will surely begin to reveal his presence everywhere. Those persons who say money to be devotion is quite wrong. If someone earns money through cheating, forgery, dishonesty, and fraud and offers some of it to the Master, is it devotion?

Respected Guru Ji continues further as these days persons wearing religious outer apparel are more in numbers but less in action. People hang the pictures of the deity [God] in their respective office’s shops and offer their obeisance in front of them in the morning with incensed sticks-dhoop etc. But during the course of the whole day go on looting the public in front of the same deity. It is hypocrisy as per all religions. A man shows something else and does something else.

Revered Guru Ji Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji says that man these days has become mad for the sake of money. He wants money anyhow no matter even if it comes through illegal means like corruption, bribery, stealing, forgery or fraud. Though such money can be utilized for raising bungalows, car, land holdings but the internal peace, tranquility can never be gained out of it. Mostly men who possess heaps of cash are seen mentally disturbed. Such persons don’t feel calm during the day nor are able to enjoy blissful sleep at night. They are forced to get injections for sleep at night.

It is simply because they have collected wealth by sucking and sucking the blood of others Any poor man can not dare to protest in front of haughty person but the cold sigh heaved by the hapless goes a long way and the rich man can not remain safe from it. None of our religions refrain public from earning wealth. Man must earn money by dint of hard work and efforts and not by sucking the blood of others. The man should earn the wealth of contentment. Contentment means to live blissfully with whatever luck has granted, and not to nurture tension for more and more. However one could strive for more by working harder, if necessary.

His Highness further says that men these days hate one another. Human beings call God with different names and raise disputes with others. Somebody call the Mater as Allah, some as Ram, God, Khuda or Rabb, but if we call water by different names as Jal. Neer, Aab or Pani, will it change its taste or color? It is a matter worth considering that if the taste or color of the water cannot be changed simply by changing its name then how can God be changed by changing his name? People of one faith call the people of other faith as bad. Someone says that Hindu religion is bad while another claim that Islam religion is bad. Just if one fruit of a tree; out of many; is found as rotten, can this be assumed that whole of the tree is bad? No, only one fruit is declared as bad. Therefore if someone acts badly then the whole of his religion should be termed as bad. People resort to ethnic disputes and bloodshed on account of this without any rhyme or reason.

Respected Guru Ji also says that there is a lack of self-confidence in people these days. Science says that self-confidence and moral courage are the keys to success. But it does not produce any tonic for boosting the same. There is no alternative in Allopathic Ayurvedic or Homeopathic system of medicines to enhance self-confidence. Self-confidence exists in every human being but none of the doctors can suggest any way to gain it except our religions. Moral courage has been referred to in Hindu religion as Amrit, Hari-Ras, in the Islamic religion as Aabo- Hayat and with different names in different religions. The unique method to generate self-confidence and moral courage has been called as Gurumantra, Naam Diksha, in Hindu religion, in the Christian religion as Method of Meditation, in the Islamic religion as Kalma and in Sikh religion as Naam-Shabad or Shabad.

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