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God Almighty
By ADA BENTON 750 views

True Pangs act as a unifying bond to God Almighty

“That person who loves the true guide, Allah, Om, Hari, Master nurtures yearnings pangs restlessness in his heart and he says “Oh Master! I may get your vision every time every moment. My time may pass in your kind memory and not even a single moment may go empty without your vision. That soul prays to the Master with deep devotion and yearnings as, ”Oh! Lord, an ocean of mercy, bestower of graces and compassion, my life is one in which I get your vision every moment” says Saint Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan as part of his pious Satsangs.

Respected Guru Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that “As fish cannot live without water so I also cannot live without you” when such yearnings are undertaken by the soul then the question does not arise that the Master may not hear her call. God hears positively and tells her the way out so that her attention may remain connected with the Master forever. Continuing further His Highness told that loving God is a matter of high appreciation. Only those who are blessed by God, do love him. The love- affection of the Master, Param Pita Parmatma can be gained only by those who receive his kindness-mercy. To love the Master and follow his path is a matter of great significance during these days of Kalyuga. Only some rare one in thousands, lucky person succeeds in doing so. Therefore do the maximum possible meditation because the meditation undertaken in the memory of the Lord will draw you near him.

His highness Guru Ji says that strong trust unites one with the Master very soon. The recitation of Naam of Master is very tough during these days of dense Kalyuga when evil prevails all rounds. Mind says to ignore it and do something else, enjoy talking more rather than doing meditation of Ram Naam, do not remember Ishwar. Human mind ensures in such a way that bad things seem good to him. But only those who are the faithful lovers of the Lord and do not live without the Master gets the benefits of his vision and all their jobs done beautifully. There are plenty of such persons who continue to love God unhindered. They do not do so in showy manner or for gaining public respect. In fact, those who do so slip very early because they draw pride due to the respect-reputation they receive and their fall is thus quickened. Hence never let the pride or ego to overpower you.

Please go on thanking the Lord for that happiness and prosperities, he grants you as per his grace. Never come under the influence of horse shaped mind because if you get the ride over the thoughts of your mind once, none can say where it will abandon you says Rev. Baba Ram Rahim Ji. The might of fighting against one’s mind is drawn from Ram Naam and meditation, recitation of Gurumantra. So please go on fighting against your mind, reciting Ram Naam. It will result in generating detachment and thus make you worthy of the mercy-kindness of the Lord one day.

Ada Benton

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