Valentine’s Day

The first month of the year i.e. January is full of good luck, the second month i.e. February is very special for couples. Lovers wait for 14th Feb, the whole year. The heart of the hearts markets is also worth seeing. Parks, restaurants, hotels, picnics spots all geared up to cash in on this day. 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. Lover’s duo celebrates this day in their own way.

There are many who have modified this day, to signify the importance of true love and as per our Indian culture. Baba Ram Rahim has dubbed this day as “True love day” and his followers are called “premise” or lovers, aka lovers of humanity. This day is celebrated as their tribute to true love. Let’s check out how.

As this day holds significance for love and lovers. Selfless Love and true lovers celebrate this day to flaunt their love for God, Almighty, Allah, Waheguru, and Ram whatever you call HIM. A day where true love of a soul with its creator is celebrated. And this is only true love in this world; every other love fades away eventually. But this is only one which keeps growing with time. So on this special day followers of Baba Ram Rahim Ji, wish their master, make greeting cards, roses, to send the message of their special love to their beloved, Master, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.

These followers also celebrate other days, like Rose Day, Chocolate day etc. to strengthen their bond with almighty. Any special day is incomplete without welfare work for Dera Sacha Sauda so these followers make sure, they conduct wonderful works to bring smiles on faces and most importantly bring that million dollar smile on their Master Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Blood donation, Tree plantation, and providing shelter for the needy, all these works are undertaken by volunteers all over, and True love for humanity, is the message, this day, brings forth for these humanitarian warriors.

Let’s also check out a brief history of Valentine’s Day

Behind Valentine’s Day, there is a story associated with every special day. It is said that during the third century, King of Claudius used to rule in Rome. He was very strict and stubborn. He felt that marriage would reduce the power of men and they will also become mentally weak. Because of this frenzy, he announced in the entire state that he or any officer or soldier he would be married would not get married. His order caused a lot of turmoil, but no one was able to have enough courage to ignore the king’s order.

At that time, Saint Valentine resisted the king, giving support to all the people. Saint Valentine united people against this dictatorship and motivated them to get married. Not only this, he used to arrange the marriages of soldiers and officers with his hands. When Claudius came to know of this, there was no limit to his anger and he ordered the hanging of Saint Valentine on February 14, 269. Since then, February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day every year.

While love is the best emotion that humans are blessed with and this definitely needs to be celebrated. But love is best expressed through a mother, a Father even with one another, as human beings. We do need to explore these other human connections, and what better way than Valentine’s Day, guess this is the essence of “True love Day” instituted by Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Let’s make true love day, a truly loved and remembered the day for this entire valentine.

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