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Ideas born every day, but only a few reverberate with customers on a great scale. The Burgerim concept of Oren Loni did not take a long time to catch it on. People were pleased with the quality of food and unique menu.

This concept performed equally well in every place where Loni has started the burgerim franchise. The idea behind the establishment of this new fast casual dining restaurant is “more than one”. Los Angeles venue was so prosperous and word of mouth starts spreading so hastily. The high demand for burgerim has led to quick franchise enlargement in California.

Now, Oren Loni was well aware of the fact that starting more stores to turn burgerim into American Franchise do not pose any problem at all. Within short time span, there are 6 burgerim franchises operating in California. Also, Loni’s burgerim concept is projecting over 300 locations in the year 2018.

How Oren Loni Burgerim (More than One) Concept Comes in Loni’s Mind

Burgerim picks up the burger notion and gives it a fresh look in a funny new way. When concept strike in Loni’s mind, he sat down and thought about what his family and friends told they want when they go to a restaurant.

Most of the people prefer a place that endows more choices. This is what Loni want to set out in his burgerim restaurants. Loni wants to make sure that his menu selection includes items for all diets. This is the reason individuals can find a lot of variety when they walk into burgerim restaurants.

Oren Loni franchise gives hungry consumers a unique way to enjoy burgers at any time in a great ambiance. The burgerim provide high-end food at a reasonable price so that people skip oily fast food restaurants and enjoy something unique without spending a lot of money.

burgerim burgers

Better Food Experience

Loni’s burgerim franchise offers Locals the best get together and enjoy life! Under the direction of Master Franchise Owner, burgerim is more than a typical hamburger restaurant. In fact, it is a Burger Franchise with many perks.

It offers a unique approach for customers to select from an Uno, duo, trio and 16 party box of 2.8oz. Oren Loni Burgerim is a profitable place to grab more than one burger. Plus, you can customize each gourmet burgers.

In addition to this, signature sauces, flavorful toppings, a variety of buns and patties are available. All the food is available at an affordable price which is a plus point either individuals is footing the bill for family, friends or associates.

Friendly Services at Burgerim

At burgerim, individuals can experience incredible taste at a reasonable price in a hospitable and stylish atmosphere. Almost all the restaurants have modern as well as attractive decoration which makes burgerim a perfect environment to celebrate different events.

Oren Loni trained burgerim franchises staff to ensure consistent and superb customer service. The staff put their customers at comfort from the moment they enter the restaurant. Furthermore, staff members also make sure individuals have a fantastic meal from start to end.

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Oren Loni
Oren Loni. As a successful entrepreneur, Oren Loni knows what it takes to reach the top. His Burgerim restaurant is more than a profitable place to grab a burger; it's a global sensation with over 200 locations worldwide around the world and more opening each month.