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Peru Festivals
By AMANDA MILLS 303 views

Exploring the Vibrancy of Peru’s Festivals

Surrounded by the Amazon rainforests, Peru is a fantastic, travel-worthy destination not only for nature and thrill seekers but all sorts of travelers.

Being the birthplace of the ancient Inca Civilization, Peru offers a homely feel to it that shows off the different types of people, tribes, traditions, and the culture of Humanity. Hence, we can say, all that is translated through several Peru festivals.

In this interesting blog, let’s have a quick-eye view insight into the vibrancy of fantastic Peru festivals that keep locals and tourists happy.

1. Cajamarca Carnival

Cajamarca carnival is one of the most participated Peru festivals. It combines dancing, music, competitions, games, water fights, and other interesting things to do and lets you participate with almost 60,000 people all over the world.

Everywhere, the colors are spread out, the ribbons flutter, the balloons float, and the lights glitter. All the locals dress up for the occasion, sing their carnival songs, and shower rain over each other as their customary practice.

You can see wonderful people dancing in the streets and painting limbs (people paint each other) in the “Paint Day” celebration with colors, water, and flour.

2. Fiesta De las Cruces

Fiesta De Las Cruces isn’t only the most famous Peru festival but is enormously celebrated across Spain and Hispanic America. This full-of-excitement festival is celebrated on the 3rd of May every year. The festival made its way to Peru after the Spanish took the Inca empire and established their culture and clothing styles in it.

Grand parades are in sight with people holding large wooden crosses decorated with flowers and traditional garments. The crowd also listens to folk music and watches different types of dances, such as the scissors dance.

3. Paucartambo Festival

Paucartambo festival is another considerable Peru festival that is celebrated in honor of the Nation’s patron saint, the Lady of Mount Carmel. They honor her as the Mother of all Peruvians. The locals wear colorful traditional dresses and masks and participate in their forefathers’ dances.

The night of Naraval is immensely celebrated with fireworks, acrobatics, races, and performers who have incredible dance routines. In 2016, the National Institute of Cultural Peru granted the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage to the Virgen del Carmen’s Festival in Paucartambo due to its religious nature.

4. Inti Raymi Festival

Apart from the other popular festivals of Peru, which are held with the spirit of happiness, this one is the biggest of all. Street fairs, cultural shows with Peruvian artists and bands, and Peruvian dance troupes all take part in this festival’s celebration.

During the daytime, free music concerts are organized for everyone to hang out. However, the unique aspect of the Saint’s Day procession is the puppet play showcasing historical events where well-known Peruvian actors portray historical figures.

5. Mistura Culinary Festival

This Peru Festival is named best fittingly because it is all about the culinary bliss and heavenly sensation. From high-class dining spots to down-on-earth food points, people can enjoy the country’s cuisine with locals and tourists at authentic delicacies.

Pork and alpaca: what else can you get apart from the authentic flavors of all? The different foods like cuy al horno (roasted guinea pig), rice, soup, quinoa, corn, and chicken meat throw all different kinds of tastes.

6. Día de Santa Rosa de Lima Festival

First native-born American saint sanctified by the Catholic Church, and her legacy is what people all across the world celebrate for many years. Consequently, the grandest festivities are arranged in her home country of Peru so that tourists and natives can explore her legacy.

Her death anniversary is on August 30th, and the major celebrations and memorials take place worldwide. It is the most popular in Santa Rosa de Quives just outside of its capital city that’s why a large number of tourists go there and gather memories while enjoying this full-of-excitement festival.

7. Puno Week Festival

Have you heard Puno ring a bell? If so, you’ve grabbed an excellent memory. This implies the same for the city where the festival choice of the Fiesta de la Candelaria took place. At the beginning of November and centers around November 5th, also referred to as Puno Day—we can say that Puno Week takes place.

The major purpose of Puno Day/Puno Week is to commemorate the legendary birth of one Manco Cápac, known as the first Inca. This festival includes an attention-grabbing yet interesting renewal of his arrival on the shores of Lake Titicaca bordering the city. Not only this but also a great excuse to enjoy parties the entire week long.

Final Thoughts

All the Peruvian festivals mentioned above offer travel lovers several opportunities to check out which Peru Adventure and festivals’ vibrancy best entice you to get there. Cheers for a full of memories and an exciting journey to Peru!

Amanda Mills

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