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Qualities of a disciple
By ADA BENTON 1,374 views

7 Qualities of a Disciple That You Must Possess to Become God’s Beloved!

What should a disciple possess? How should his lifestyle be? How should he live his life to get the divine glimpses of God?

A number of like questions might bother you to become a good disciple. You will get all these answers today here that is given by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

To become a real disciple and to early meet God, you need to possess these qualities into you. Go through these and adopt into your daily life

1. Passionately Committed to Almighty:

Your commitment must be real and unconditional. As per Saint Baba Ram Rahim, you must be passionate for your Almighty. Any words of society or their acts can’t influence you if you are completely dedicated & passionate towards Him. If you do so then God will also never ever let you feel abandoned of anything and bless you with all that you deserve.

2. Boundless Love for All Creatures:

Either its birds, animals, plants or humans with any caste, creed, gender, age, religion, as a disciple your love must be equal and boundless for all. You must not differentiate between them and treat everyone in the same way.

Saint MSG says if you love God but not His people, then you will never more come close to the Almighty. He will be yours when you treat each of His creatures on an equal basis and love them all.

3. Obey Guru’s All Directives:

A perfect disciple never treats anyone like Guru. For him, just Guru & His directives are worthy to consider and nothing else and he can’t ever keep anyone equal to the Guru ever. For him, Guru is sovereign and so His words are.

As per Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, ‘If you follow Guru but not His words, then you are not a good disciple’ Guru always says to work according to His words because these are not His words, these are the words that God is speaking via Him in reality. So, obey each of His preachings by heart.

Never ever analyze the words of Guru. If he has told you something harsh then surely this is to beat the negative karma’s inferences that might have been hovering upon you. For you, His instructions might seem impractical to you, but if you follow it word to word, then you will definitely get benefitted from it.

4. Unshakable Belief:

Whatever the situation is, a true disciple never lets its faith shaken at any cost. No matter what the world is saying, his faith remains unshakable in Him because he knows His Guru can’t be wrong.

He knows that his Guru can do anything and if the world is saying anything negative regarding Him, then surely there’s a deep secret and its happening for a positive reason. So, never let your belief shaken at any cost on your Guru if you really want to be a true disciple.

5. Commitment to Serve:

You must be committed to serving all the creatures of God. A true disciple can’t see anyone in agony and always available to bring a smile on their face. So, he is there to help needy come what may and you need to turn out to be the best disciple by committing yourself to the service of mankind.

   6.  Surrender Yourself: 

Becoming a disciple of God means you are surrendering yourself completely to Him. There’s no place for ego, greed, anger and all. Stay humble & polite and give up your ego & jealousy from you. Saint Baba Ram Rahim addresses that God’s love and your ego both can’t stay together. If you are egoistic then God’s love & grace will never embrace you.

So, surrender yourself completely to Him and leave all your inner vices if you want to come closure to Him. Be kind and make yourself capable of Him.

  7. Take His Anger in Positive Way:

‘Duniyadaari Ka Pyar Bhi Ghati Hai,

Aur Malik Ka Krodh Bhi Daati Hai’

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji says if Guru scolds you or speaks some harsh words, then don’t take it otherwise, instead if you stay benign and accept His words then you will get blessed immensely. This is because He speaks harsh words to protect you from upcoming unfavorable circumstances.

In contrast to it, worldly love is always for a reason, means a person who loves you definitely need something from you in return. So, Guru’s even anger is a blessing and worldly love is mean. If you are a true disciple then never take His harsh words otherwise, instead take it positively for your betterment.

Final Words

Hopefully, you will observe and implement these qualities in your life to become His true disciple. If you do so, then surely you will become capable of His grace and heavenly bliss.

Ada Benton

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