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Sacramento Car Accident Attorney
By CAROL JONES 1,551 views

Car Accident Injuries

Sacramento Car Accident Attorney

A car crash may cause a wide variety of injuries. Any area of your body might be hurt in a car crash, and it means that any kind of damage or wound is possible. In other cases, the most serious injury sustained is a scratch or a bruise. In some cases, the impact is so great that bones and internal organs are broken or even destroyed. Certain wounds can heal without any medical attention, but there are others that could. Injury from a vehicle collision may be temporary or, in the worst cases, lethal. You may be able to file a lawsuit with the help of the Sacramento Car Accident Attorney against the negligent driver and seek financial compensation when such incidents occur.

Spinal Cord Injury can result in partial or complete paralysis 

Spinal cord injuries are also often sustained in automobile collisions. Some drivers will make complete recoveries from such incidents. A spinal injury may sometimes cause lifelong paralysis.

Multiple bodily systems may be affected by paralysis. When the spinal cord is injured, usually everything below the area of injury stops working. Paralysis may affect the whole body or only one portion of it, depending on the cause.

Fractures or Broken Bones

Depending on the severity of the impact, a car accident might cause fractures in any bone in the body. In severe incidents when the vehicle’s structure collapses, it is not uncommon for passengers to suffer broken arms and legs. Rib fractures and skull fractures are other potential injuries in these situations.

Usually, you need medical help to fix a broken bone. Some of these injuries are quite minor, like sprains or splinters, and their patients could make full recoveries. Complex fractures need more medical attention. Bone fragments are piercing the skin, indicating the severity of these wounds. These wounds not only take longer to heal but also commonly result in infection.

Severe Burns

Fuel-powered engines are the standard in automobiles. In the event of an accident, any gasoline that has leaked from the vehicle poses a fire hazard due to the combustibility of the fuel. If the gasoline catches fire while passengers are locked inside, they might be seriously burned.

The degree to which a burn has been sustained might vary widely. There are typically four categories to choose from. degrees are the labels given to these tiers of education. While first-degree burns are relatively harmless, fourth-degree burns pose a significant health risk.

Minor pain and swelling are usually the only symptoms of a first-degree burn. Commonly, a few days is all that is needed for these wounds to heal on their own. By contrast, fourth-degree burns almost often result in death. They consist of burns so severe that they affect the muscle and bone under the surface of the skin.

Brain Injuries 

Brain injuries are among the most life-threatening consequences of a car crash. Any damage to the brain is alarming, but those that cause severe symptoms are called TBIs, or traumatic brain injuries. These wounds occur when something hits the brain or penetrates the skull.

A concussion is the most typical kind of TBI. When the brain is jolted so hard that it shifts and shakes, the result is a concussion. In many instances, these motions cause irreparable damage to the brain by stretching and tearing at its tissue. Consequences of a traumatic brain injury may be very diverse, ranging from physical complaints to sudden and perplexing changes in character.


When people think of injuries caused by cars, the first thing that comes to mind is whiplash. Injuries to the soft tissues of the neck and shoulders constitute the “whiplash” syndrome. These wounds result from a jolt that causes the victim’s head to whip wildly in one direction and then the other. These kinds of injuries often result from rear-end car collisions. 

Most cases of whiplash recover on their own. However, in extreme circumstances, medical attention may be necessary. This may include gentle procedures like massages or neck cones. In extreme circumstances, surgery can be required to treat these wounds.

Internal Bleeding

In the worst cases of automobile accidents, the impact might even destroy the vehicle. The person may suffer internal bleeding if the metal and plastic of the car press in on them upon impact. Unfortunately, it is very uncommon for these injuries to go unrecognized for some time following an accident. When medical attention is delayed for an internal bleeding patient, mortality rates might rise dramatically.

Contact Sacramento Car Accident Attorney

You should get medical help following a vehicle crash immediately, no matter what sort of injuries you may have had. A doctor can often detect injuries of which the patient is unaware, so it’s always a good idea to be checked out even if you don’t think you’re really hurt.

If you or your loved ones have sustained a catastrophic injury in a car crash caused by a distracted driver in Sacramento, contact an experienced Sacramento Car Accident Attorney at Demas Law Group. 

A catastrophic injury sustained in a vehicle accident might completely alter your future. The good news is that a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney can help you file a claim for damages after an accident.

We recognize the gravity of the situation and are dedicated to enforcing accountability. Call Demas law group at (916) 444-0100.

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