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maonet management | Gabriel Horacio Zandperl
By MANOJ RANA 4,281 views

Top 3 Sectors You Should Invest in 2018

This year is going to close in few weeks. Hence, one should have to start mapping out their investment plans for the upcoming year. In reality, the investing ideas that seem astute in one year can appear strange in the next. This is according to Gabriel Horacio Zandperl, that you must have to be careful about where and when to invest money. The professional is an economic advisor and helps an individual in making an investment decision.

In this article, Gabriel zandperl has given some of the investment notions for the year 2018. Actually, there is a number of options for the investors to choose from as several sectors will raise during 2018. In fact, the investment markets continue to move and the customer’s behavior has become cognizant. So, the war rises for the reasonable and maintainable benchmark.

Following are some of the best investment ideas for 2018 that you should have to consider:

1. Technology Sector:

Technology is the vanguard of the novelty which will surely continue for decades. Actually, the technology sector contains technological businesses like manufacturers producing computer software, hardware, and electronics.

This sector also covers the technological service industries which endow the information technology and business data processing amenities. Some of the technology companies include Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and DXC etc. The IT sector is predicted to grow over 9 percent to $87.1 billion in the year 2018.

For instance, DXC the world’s largest technology consulting service provider is expected to earn $8.22 a share in the upcoming year. Furthermore, the investors who invest in protecting the Facebook network from manipulation will get a reward. Hence, the technology sectors are the best 2018 investing idea.

2. Health Care Sector:

The healthcare industry is growing at incredible pace. In fact, the hasty advancement in the biotechnology makes sure that this sector will thrive in 2018 and decades ahead. According to a prediction, the revenue of healthcare industry will grow at 15 percent in 2018.

Health care

Furthermore, the overall size of the healthcare industry will touch USD280 billion by the year 2020. This sector has higher as well as stable return on the equity than another niche. This is according to Gabriel Horacio Zandperl that individuals without any prior experience in the investing can think about some specific area of this industry.

For example, drug manufacturers, medical instrument creators, insurance companies and biomedical companies are some best place to invest in the coming year. This financial investment sector performs well because folks need to see the doctor and purchase the medicine irrespective of financial condition. So, if you are planning on investing money in 2018 then add the healthcare industry to the list of top 3 best sectors for investment says a financial advisor.

3. Financial Sector:

The financial sector could perform well in the coming year. This sector consists of banks, insurance companies, credit card companies and brokerage firms. Actually, similar to the healthcare sector the financial sector’s investment will benefit individuals. So, it is one of the best investment ideas for the year 2018. The monetary organizations that can benefit people for long-term include insurance companies, brokerage firms, and banks. According to an estimate, the credit growth in the banking sector will be 7 to 8 percent in 2018.


These are some of the sectors where you should have to invest your money in 2018. Actually, all the above-mentioned sectors are the best for long-term investment and supposed to continue for the decade. As the investment should be done by keeping some financial goals in mind. So, one can use the services of Gabriel Horacio Zandperl the monetary advisor. The professional will give help individuals in setting the financial goals as well as give an idea how much to invest for each goal.

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