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Vijayanand Travels to Acquire 550 Volvo and Eicher Buses Worth ₹500 Crore

In the realm of intercity bus transportation, Vijayanand Travels, which is located in Hubballi, has taken a big move by placing an order for 550 luxury buses from both Volvo and Eicher. This particular purchase, which is estimated to be worth over ₹500 crore, is being referred to as the most substantial order ever placed for buses of this kind in India.

The Particulars of the Order

A variety of buses from both manufacturers are included in the order:

  • Eicher Intercity 13.5-meter air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned sleeper coaches: Vijayanand Travels will be receiving 500 units of these Eicher buses. Fully air-conditioned and equipped with dependable engines, these coaches are designed to provide the highest possible level of comfort and safety for their passengers.
  • The Volvo 9600 is a premium sleeper coach: The remaining 50 units are Volvo buses, which are well-known for their exquisite travel experience and design that is influenced by European culture. These coaches provide a generous amount of room, with 8.5 cubic meters of baggage storage and forty sleeping beds. Bus operators are able to assure cost-effective operations by utilizing the fuel-efficient Volvo D8K engine.

The initiative known as “Make in India”

It is planned that the Eicher and Volvo buses would be constructed in India in their entirety. In accordance with the Make in India program, the production facilities that are responsible for the manufacture of these buses are situated in Hosakote and Pithampur. The dedication of Vijayanand Travels to bolstering indigenous manufacturing and making a contribution to the expansion of the nation’s economy is shown in this strategic step.

Expansion Strategies That Are Ambitious

Through the massive growth of its fleet, Vijayanand Travels intends to establish itself as a brand that is recognized throughout the all of India. Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, and Goa are the six states in which the firm is now functioning. However, the organization’s ambitious aim extends to activities across the whole country. They have achieved a leading position in the industry thanks in part to their customer-focused strategy, which includes an offer of a 15% discount that has been positively accepted.

Comfort and safety that are at the forefront of the industry

It was stressed by Vinod Aggarwal, the managing director and chief executive officer of VECV (Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles), that the joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors is in a strong position to provide industry-leading comfort, safety, and travel experiences through their respective bus lines. The Eicher Intercity 13.5m coaches, which were introduced in 2021, have a Tall Boy design that is carefully sculpted and engines that are dependable. In the meanwhile, the Volvo 9600 Sleeper coaches offer travellers a journey that is both elegant and comfortable.

The investment that Vijayanand Travels has made in these buses demonstrates its dedication to providing tourists all throughout India with services of the highest possible quality. Passengers may anticipate improved travel experiences on these contemporary and comfortable buses as the firm continues to expand its operations.

Looking Forward to the Future

The milestone order that Vijayanand Travels has placed is a big investment in the company’s future.  With the addition of this new fleet, VT is in a strong position to broaden its customer base, improve the quality of the services it provides, and further strengthen its position as a market leader in the Indian intercity transport industry.  In addition, this move paves the way for an exciting new chapter in the growth story of the firm, and it will be fascinating to observe how VT makes use of its new assets in order to reimagine the experience of travelling between cities for its customers.

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