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LaJoya McCoy
By GRACIE HART 445 views

Who Was LaJoya McCoy? The Full Story and Background

Have you heard about LaJoya McCoy? She was a mom and a businesswoman. But she was murdered in 2015. In our article, we’re going to tell you all about it. We’ll keep it easy to follow, just giving you the straight story of what the police found out. Stay with us to hear the whole story.

Who was LaJoya McCoy?

LaJoya McCoy was a businesswoman who owned Joya Boutique, a women’s clothing store in Monterey Park. She was also working full-time as an auditor for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

Additionally, LaJoya was involved in various entrepreneurial activities, including producing a movie and play, and she was in the process of developing her phone app for finding quality DJs.

Details of the Incident

LaJoya McCoy, a mother and business owner, was living her life in Monrovia, California. But in June 2015, something terrible happened. She stopped showing up to work and wasn’t answering calls.

People got worried because it wasn’t like her to miss work or not talk to her family and friends.

Her family reported her missing, and the police went to check on her at her home on West Olive Avenue. They saw signs that something bad might have happened and got a warrant to search her place.

The next day, they found her car parked on West Cypress Avenue, not too far from her apartment. Inside the car, under a blanket and a child’s car seat, they found LaJoya’s body. It was clear that she had been murdered. The doctors said she had been strangled with a rope or cord and also stabbed many times.

This sad discovery was made on June 16, 2015, about a week after anyone had last heard from her. It was a shocking and heartbreaking end to a life that had touched many in her community.

Police Investigation

A bloodstained note discovered inside LaJoya’s vehicle was among the most crucial leads in the murder probe. Police sources say the note implied somebody had been stalking and harassing LaJoya in the weeks leading to her murder.

The forensic evidence on the note revealed that the person who had been stalking LaJoya was her boyfriend, Jose Roberto Turner. DNA evidence found under her fingernails also matched that of Jose, placing him as the prime suspect in the case.

Further investigation into the relationship of Jose and LaJoya revealed they had been married for ten years. This personal relationship gave a probable motive and assisted the police in making reasonable reconstructions of the actions that led to LaJoya’s death.

Detectives put in great efforts to ensure justice for LaJoya and her family by disclosing the shocking and unfortunate circumstances of her death.

The Arrest of Jose Roberto Turner

Forensic evidence played a crucial role as well. Turner’s DNA matched the bloodstain on McCoy’s bedroom wall and the light switch cover in her bathroom. His DNA was also found under LaJoya’s fingernails and inside her car. These findings led the investigators to arrest Jose Turner on August 27, 2015.

The combination of physical evidence, the notebook, and the note in LaJoya’s handwriting helped the police to build a strong case against Turner.

Jose Roberto Turner’s motive for the murder of LaJoya McCoy was rooted in jealousy and anger following their separation. Turner and McCoy had been together for about a decade before separating two years before the homicide.

Turner was reportedly not happy about the separation and had displayed stalking behavior and jealousy when McCoy was in the presence of other men.

He had even expressed his anger at her in a journal, talking about how he would kill her shortly before her murder. This deep-seated resentment and inability to accept the end of their relationship ultimately led to the tragic events.

Sentencing of Jose Roberto Turner

On July 11, 2017, Jose Roberto Turner was sentenced to 26 years to life in state prison for the first-degree murder of LaJoya McCoy. This sentence was given after Turner was found guilty of first-degree murder on June 19, 2017.

The conviction came after evidence presented at the trial showed that Turner strangled and stabbed McCoy on June 10, 2015.

The case was marked by overwhelming evidence and testimonies, leading to Turner’s sentencing.

According to the most recent updates, Jose Roberto Turner is currently incarcerated at North Kern State Prison in Delano, California. He will be eligible for parole in September 2033.

Children of LaJoya McCoy

After the tragic death of LaJoya McCoy, her two children, James and Savannah, were initially with their father, Jose Roberto Turner. However, following Turner’s arrest and conviction for McCoy’s murder, the children could no longer remain in his care.

McCoy’s aunt and uncle, David and Alicia Clark, have taken on the responsibility of raising the children. They have legally adopted James and Savannah to ensure their welfare and give them a secure and nurturing home.

The children, who were 9 and 5 years old at the time of their mother’s death, have thus been given a chance to grow up with caring family members after the loss of both their parents.

Bottom Line

LaJoya McCoy’s life, marked by entrepreneurship and motherhood, was tragically cut short by murder. The relentless investigation led to the conviction of her ex-partner, Jose Roberto Turner, ensuring justice. Her children continue to be nurtured by family, embodying hope after a profound loss.

Gracie Hart

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