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Meditation By Nicole Lenz
Meditation By Nicole Lenz
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Ways to Heal Your Body with Meditation By Nicole Lenz

The healing meditation shows us the causes of issues and strengthens us on our approach. Healing Meditation helps your body to relax and eliminate the negative energy from us, resulting in a healed body with the relaxed mind. Nicole Lenz co-founder of Elements Holistic has a unique style of yogic techniques for self-improvement shared interesting ways to heal your body with meditation.

Visualize higher than yourself an attractive sun, raising each hand to the aspect at head height and suppose many times the mantra “sun.” Let the sunshine of the sun flow down on you and massage it into the body.
Visualize the world below, rub the world along with your feet and think: “I send light-weight to the world. Pray to God for all beings within the world be happy”

Consider what a part of your body wants healing within the moment. Let light-weight flow into it, massage it in a circle and suppose the word “light” as a mantra. By the sunshine massage, you resolve the tensions within the body and change the self-healing.

Visualize the cosmos around you filled with stars, create massive circles along with your arms and suppose inner peace. I take the suffering in my life. I systematically walk my approach of health and healing.”
Visualize before or higher than you God of Healing. Rub your hands before of the center chakra and suppose, “Om of Healing. Om inner knowledge. Please guide and help me with my approach.”

Focus on an area of your body who wants to heal or on a private drawback. What’s the approach to your healing? What does one need to do? What triggers your problem? Thick goodbye to your problem till you’re glad about the result. After you hear no answer, you’re either blocked within, otherwise you have a nasty contact to your inner voice. The most effective approach then is slowly to induce into thinking over your drawback.

Move a hand, bless all folks with light-weight and suppose, “May all the people that have the identical drawback as I am cured. My drawback is … The approach of healing is …” This will give you the self-confidence to help others to cure their problems.

According to Nicole Lenz, while breathing in Think “Om” and during Breathing out “Shanti”. Stop all different thoughts. Feel calmness, serenity and peace in you. Stop a moment each thought and move gently your feet. Focus in your feet and progress, till your mind comes fully to rest. Then linger in an exceedingly slight meditation. All thoughts and feelings could return and go as you feel relax.

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