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barry and mary humfrey explains about the new salary offer in western australia

Barry And Mary Humfrey Explains New Salary Offer For Workers In Western Australia

Something is going on in Western Australia right now that we would like to shed light on. It is between the government and the workers in our region. We are Australian residents called Barry and Mary Humfrey, and we live in the Western part of the country. Both of us are professionals that operate a non-profit organization. We come from different backgrounds, but we have expert knowledge about non-profit organisations.

Part of what we do includes managing volunteer services, creating and developing fundraising events, administering grants, and coordinating events. As a couple, Barry and Mary Humfrey work together to make our careers successful.

The Issue Between the Western Australia Government and Its Workforce Explains Barry and Mary Humfrey

The Western part of Australia has come again with a new plan that is said to help the workers in the region. The premier of the city has called on government workers to put a stop to the salary disputes. This salary issue has been ongoing for a while now in Western Australia. It is not as if a solution hasn’t been given to resolve the dispute.

However, most people rejected the solutions. Another solution came just recently to resolve the issue. The government created a deal for the workers, but this deal will have an impact on taxpayers. The deal made is to the tune of three billion dollars. Furthermore, the government proposed this deal because it had to increase tax on thousands of people in the region.

Reasons for the Salary Increase

According to Barry and Mary Humfrey, one of the reasons why the government did so is due to the industrial strike threat by healthcare workers. Initially, the government proposed to give healthcare workers a pay raise based on the annual salary they earn. Some can get an increase of up to 3,000 dollars or more than that with a bonus. This means that there will be a six or three percent rise in the salary of workers. Those who receive high salaries are not exempted because they will also get bonuses and annual salary increases.

The Association of those who earn the lowest salaries initially agreed to this offer. However, the Association of nurses in Australia has hinted that they will not accept the offer. They are bent on continuing with the strike the following month. Following the opposition from nurses, the associations of firefighters, police, and prison guards have also opposed the offer.

The Government’s Stance

In the same vein, the Premier has made a statement about the implication of the payment offers to workers. He said the pay increase will cost billions of dollars, which is different from what it cost years ago. In a further statement, he said that each worker’s annual salary will rise to 1,000 dollars. He is of the firm belief that the government and the workers will talk again and reach an agreement. This is because the government doesn’t want the workers to strike and hope the deal will work out.

According to the Premier, the deal itself is a generous one from the government. It is a way for the government to reward those who need it, especially when they sign on. In addition, each worker will get a bonus of 3,000 dollars for signing on. In his words, few workers in Western Australia or those who work in private organizations get this chance. Both Barry and Mary Humfrey agree with the Premier. In our opinion, the salary and bonus offer is already a good thing. The workers shouldn’t be in a hurry to reject it.

Why the Western Australia Government Should Agree With the Workers

Similarly, an official of one of the unions agreed that the new offer is a good move. However, he thinks that the methods that were used to make this offer possible were not okay. The official is right because we also think that the Western Australia government doesn’t understand the stance of the unions. The unions want the government to bring back the salary bargain method between the workers and the government.

Using wage policies by the government will negate the actions of the union. And if care is not taken, this will continue and the entire workforce will stop their work. A lot of things will be affected if this happens. We can’t imagine a city where the nurses, firefighters, police, and many more stopped working due to salary disputes. Check out Barry Humfrey’s Geraldton to know more.

About The Offer

The government in Western Australia first proposed a salary raise of 2.75 percent, then increased it further later. Additionally, sign-on bonuses were also added to the new increase, but unions rejected the offer. The unions want the raise to be up to five percent because of the recent inflation going on around the world.

Presently, the world is experiencing inflation, and this has affected the cost of living in many countries, including Australia. As a result, a huge number of public servants protested in front of the Western Australian parliament. If an agreement has been reached earlier, they wouldn’t have protested. But the lack of agreement between the unions and the workers created a stand-off which led to the protest.


Finally, we, Barry and Mary Humfrey hope that the government and the workers can find a level playing ground. Once they do so, they can meet each other halfway and agree. Otherwise, this standoff will put a stop to normal activities in Australia and further affect the economy.

Barry And Mary Humfrey

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