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teeth whitening treatment
By SANAYA KHANNA 1,650 views

Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost, Pros and Cons

Embarrassed while smiling in selfies? Why not change the color of your smile from a dark color to a light and brighter color.

There is an option in cosmetic dentistry known as teeth whitening, through which you can gain a whiter and brighter smile.

In professional teeth whitening, dentists like this expert dentist in Harrisburg use bleaching agents to whiten and cleanse your teeth by removing the stains and whitening them. In this article, we’ll see the professional teeth whitening treatment in detail. Read till the end.

What is professional teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening treatment is a technique in which teeth whitening is carried out at the dentist’s office with immense care and professionalism to ensure the reliability of the treatment. This teeth whitening treatment is different from the home-based whitening kits, which temporarily whiten your teeth.

Unlike traditional/home-based whitening, dentists do not jump to the treatment directly. They follow step-by-step methods and then opt for the treatment.

First, they detect your teeth’ color with other shades available and then work on it accordingly.

What are the two different types of office whitening treatment?

There are two different types of the teeth whitening treatment;

  • One is applied using the syringe by inserting a high hydrogen peroxide gel.
  • The other is combined with hydrogen peroxide and light intensity light like the LED, UV, halogen, etc. The light is applied by a lamp or a laser device that sits directly outside your mouth.

So these were the two different types of office-based teeth whitening.

What are the things you’ll undergo at office-based teeth whitening?

At the office-based teeth whitening, you may observe the following things which your dentists might proceed or offer you at the office;

  • The first step your dentist might take is he’ll recognize your teeth’s shade and work on it, and will provide you with the future result you can expect after the treatment.
  • The next step your dentist might take towards cleaning the existing plaque or tartar in the tooth, which can act as debris while performing the treatment. Hence he ensures and cleans those stains first and when he opts for the treatment.
  • Once he steps into whitening your teeth, he’ll make sure that it doesn’t cause any side effects to the other part of your mouth, like the gums and the other fleshy part of your teeth. Therefore to prevent this, he applies a barrier along the gum line of your mouth.
  • Finally, all the prior steps are taken before the treatment. Now your dentists apply a teeth whitening agent and leave it for some time. He might also recoat your teeth if it is part of your treatment.
  • After completing the treatment, your dentist will make your mouth rinsed, then the dentist will apply fluoride to mitigate any potential sensitivity to your teeth.
  • The process gets over here! Now your dentist will advise you and may suggest following some restrictions on both the foods and your lifestyle, which is necessary to maintain the color of your teeth. He may advise you to cut on some of the following foods with strong colors like coffee, wine, etc.

What are the Pros and Cons of the office-based teeth whitening treatment?


Faster Results:

The office-based teeth whitening procedure provides faster results when compared to Home-based teeth whitening. The maximum time taken for completing the procedure is around 1-2 hours in a single sitting. It provides better results and also stays for a longer time.


While opting for the home-based kits, you might not be aware of its effects, but this is not the same as in the case of professional teeth whitening. Your dentist might offer suggestions and tell you clearly if the treatment doesn’t suit you. The dentists will also provide you with some safety measures after the treatment.

Healthy Mouth:

By removing the plaque and the tartar buildup from the mouth, they remove the germs and bacteria from your mouth. Along with cleaning your teeth, it also cleanses your and provides you with good oral health, and therefore it provides double benefits just with a single treatment.

Long-term Results:

No, I won’t say you’ll have those sparkling white teeth for a lifetime. But you can see that they can provide more long-lasting results until you follow proper and recommended steps.

Remove Stains:

The teeth whitening treatment removes the stains and the plaque buildup from your teeth very quickly, which provides you with clear visible teeth. By removing the stains from your teeth, they provide you with white and clear shader teeth with sparkling white.


Not For Crowns:

Regarding the cons, the first and primary one which I would like to mention is that these teeth whitening treatments aren’t suitable for the crowns and caps placed after any tooth replacement procedures like root canal treatment and dental implants. They won’t be effective here.


Let it be professional teeth whitening or home-based; there are chances that these treatments are supposed to cause sensitivity to your teeth and might also irritate your gums. But there isn’t much to worry about as these are temporary discomfort that will be getting well very soon.

These were some notable cons of the treatment.

I hope you find the article helpful. Read more articles like this; see you soon.

Thank you!

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