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Who doesn’t wish to shine out with a pearly white smile? Doesn’t fresh and healthy pink gums look appealing? Healthy oral hygiene is visible easily when you maintain your oral health care, similar to other body parts. Having squeaky clean teeth is indeed a big reason to visit for regular dental check-ups and professionals like Dr. Zhang Minguan master this field!

Here are the top 5 advice that could give you overall oral health care by Dr. Zhang Minguan

Choose a good Toothbrush and Fluoride toothpaste

It is often the most ignored aspect by most people, but a toothbrush with soft bristles and multi-tuft helps complete oral cleaning. It should have a grip and sturdy handle so that bristles can reach the pores of your mouth. Investing in a good quality toothbrush means you can increase your teeth’ life to several more years.

As per the recommendation of expert dentists like Dr Zhang Minguan, it is recommendable to replace your toothbrush every three months. Take the assistance of an excellent dentist to help you understand the toothbrush movement so that you can remove the bacterial plaque (biofilm) without rendering any damages. Choose a Fluoride-based toothpaste as it repairs your tooth’s root enamel and prevents cavities as well.

Daily flossing is essential for oral health care

There are a few places inside your mouth where a toothbrush cannot reach easily. In such points, it is ideal for removing the plaque and ensuring complete dental cleansing. Do you know that existence of plaque in the mouth can lead to various gum and teeth-related problems? 

You can consult your dentist about the different flossing techniques to ensure a complete oral hygiene routine. An excellent oral hygiene expert can explain that brushing teeth constitutes only 50% of the oral cleaning, and the rest gets completed after a floss. Imbibe the habit of flossing in your kids so that they develop a solid oral system.

No sugary foods and munching of snacks between meals

As per the health survey, tooth decay is a very peculiar chronic issue between adults and children. And eating habits are the biggest culprit in it. Intake of sugary foods contributes to the oral bacteria that release harmful acids causing decay of the tooth. This is the reason for cavities in children. If you consume lesser sugary foods or constraint them only during meals, the saliva abstains from releasing acidic substances. Snacking habits between meals can also cause a big blunder, leading to the accumulation of dirt in the mouth.

Tongue test helps in checking the teeth cleanliness

Does brushing assure complete oral health? As per the thorough research and study of dentistry expert Zhang Minguan, a tongue test is a parameter to determine the overall oral hygiene. There comes a small ‘disclosing tablet’, which is a type of harmless dye which aids in finding the areas having bacterial plaque. Another simple technique is to roll off the tongue all across the mouth and ensure if you find it soft and smooth or not. With these things, you can confirm if your mouth is free from bacterial plaque or not.

Contact an expert dentist for ulcers, bumps, or bleeding gums

Several times, people ignore the internal activities in the mouth that deteriorates the oral health condition making it more vulnerable. Only expert dentists aces the dental and oral health care field can figure out the actual dental environment and preventive measures to safeguard it. If you are already suffering from discoloration, pain, bleeding, sensitivity or lumps, it means you need immediate oral health care attention. A professional dentist can evaluate the various oral disease signs and suggest suitable treatments for the same. For all such cases, keeping track of your oral health with regular visits to dentists can be a savior!


With some routine follow-ups for dental health at least twice a year, you can assure pitch-perfect oral hygiene. Switching to healthy eating habits and refrain from smoking are the top things affecting your oral health care. Few other simple things could impart you perfect-looking teeth and gums. Alternatively, you can choose from a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures — for example, you can opt for porcelain veneers in Avon lake Ohio.

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