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Interview with Dejuan Stroud

Eric Goldie

Life! Party! Enjoyment! Are these words fascinated you the most? After quite a long period are you planning to come to a party for all time and seeking perception of an event, party organizer, and designer that put special effects to make the party adorable?

So,  do not wait anymore and rush of preparation for all time party blasts as for the first time, Eric Goldie has tried to film an interview on everlasting, fabulous Dejuan Stroud. He is being an apple of many top New Yorker eyes, including cultural figures, leaders, businessmen, social reports who try to throw a tremendous party once in a year. This party invests tremendous time, thoughts, energy, money to bring enjoyment and different opportunities to others.

Another achievement that added a few more stars in the bags of Dejuan Stroud and also proved him a fabulous author at the same time, by the new entertaining book, Designing Life’s Celebrations. Here have followed the list of questionaries’ that were put up by Eric Goldie.

Dorothea Bon Jovi characterizes you in the foreword to your new book as tasteful, elegant, and fun. How would you describe yourself?

Organizing selecting, creating and making the dream to the reality take me all time, I love doing that. What else better than presenting nature in a more spectacular manner? If this habit of my work is recognized as hard work and then in one word, I mean to describe me as, Hardworking.

You’ve designed parties for just about every notable New Yorker. Who are your favorite clients and why?

Dorothea and Jon Bon Jovi, Michael J. Fox and Katie Couric, Tracy Pollan, Vanessa Williams, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Anderson Cooper because they are all so, so nice and enjoy with my piece of creation.

If you could design a dinner party for someone, who would it be and why?

I could love to seek anything to bring a simple on the face of my wife. As Angela Lansbury, my wife Debra’s favorite actress decorating a party for her would make Debra so happy.

What kind of parties that Melania and Donald Trump expect in the white house after being elected in the white house, I am well aware of their choice as well. In a word lavish.

Eric Goldie wishes tips for all time memorable party.

Making a party memorable?

The party organizer could be anyone a leader, famous celebrity or a social reporter or nay one else all with the different mindset but with one motive, the best party ever. So, focusing on the purpose of the occasion going for live entertainment, serve out-of-the-ordinary food and lots of events visual surprises.

Photograph Eric Goldie

For baby naming party a swing filled with flowers, chocolate snail at the desert buffet, or an industrial tool cart for serving men and women as drinks buffet.

What are the major floral trends for spring and summer entertaining?

More or less my ideas are close to nature and try to come up with natural and garden style designing. For my last party in New York City Ballet Spring Gala, we decorate the room with lilacs and the centerpieces were relaxed arrangements of hybrid lisianthus, anemones, roses, and more lilacs. Personally, Eric Goldie I just color purple more often nowadays.

What is your greatest party design victory?

I still remember it took 15 hours of us continuously to change the entire setup and that too in a hotel. We completely erase the interior of the Waldorf Astoria’s ballrooms as well as four other large event space and transforming them into an entirely different environment using fabricated walls, carpets, chandeliers, furniture, flowers, and draperies.

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