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By KATHERINE BELLE 1,843 views

10 Creative Ways to Design Blank and Boring Walls

Have you ever looked at any of your empty wall spaces and thought about finding something to fill the empty gap that you see there? A home that’s devoid of wall decor can feel like space is unfinished.

The best option to go for is wall decor along with loads of unique options. Plus, it’s also one of the easiest features your home can have that’s easy to update. One of the perks you get is that you can keep your home looking fresh and fabulous without spending a lot of money or taking an impromptu trip to the home store for some goodies.

#1 Hanging Wall Art

Hanging Wall Art
Enjoy Canvas

Let’s start with the obvious method of decorating empty wall spaces. Investing in good pieces of wall art is a wonderful idea to fill out any blank wall at home. Wall arts are commonly hung above the sofa or the headboard in your bedroom.

hanging wall
One Kings Lane

You can also combine several small pieces of wall art together to form a gallery wall that showcases your favorite prints and family photographs.

#2 Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors work well for small and narrow spaces because they make small rooms look larger. They bring the illusion of space, and they also reflect light — making rooms brighter. Mirrors look especially decorative in living rooms and dining rooms.

Use them carefully if you’re considering the bedroom, since they have been scientifically proven to cause anxiety in some people — like triggering you to check your face in the mirror every so often.

#3 Grouping Colorful Baskets

Grouping Colorful Baskets
Hallmark Channel

Baskets aren’t the first thing most people think about when wall decor is the topic of conversation. But painted and different sized baskets are actually pretty to look at. And even more so if your interior design is largely boho.

Grouping Colorful Baskets
Chaussure Paschers

Collect several baskets in different sizes and painted with different colors or decorated with interesting patterns. You can have fun playing around with the arrangements on the floor before hanging them up.

You can make these on your own too with craft paint and plain baskets.

#4 Hang Tapestries

Hang Tapestries
Simple Baby Bedding

Tapestries are a great idea for boho styled interior design. They’re great for texture and personality. Of course, this doesn’t mean your apartment should be decked out to the nines with tapestries that make your apartment look like a wanna-be castle interior from the 14th century.

Aside from texture and personality, this also adds bursts and pops of color plus eye-catching patterns. These also make great headboard alternatives.

#5 Stick Decorative Plates

Stick Decorative Plates
Small Design Ideas

Get a couple of plastic plates at your nearest store, get some Velcro command strips, stick them up on the wall, and you have yourself excellent decor for the dining room — or that empty wall space in the kitchen.

As with any other wall decor, you need to arrange them carefully on the floor first to figure out the arrangement you want to have. They fit the function of the dining room or the kitchen nicely and they land a nice homey aesthetic to the room.

#6 Hats as Decoration

Hats as Decoration
Don Pedro

Do you have spare hats collecting dust and cobwebs in the closet? They don’t have to be tucked away or given away to the thrift store — although that’s appreciated too. Still, it would be a waste to not capitalize on the wall decor opportunity that you have already.

This is the perfect chance to show off your cloches, skimmers, trilbies, fedoras, etc. Just drill holes into your wall, stick in some hooks, and you’re good to. Plus it’s also a functional display. If you have the urge to wear a hat that you haven’t in a while, you can always just take them off the wall and wear them.

Unless you’re going for bachelor pad vibes, steer clear of hanging baseball caps. Brimmed hats just fit this style of wall decor better.

#7 Old Window Collages

Old Window Collages
Old Window Collages

Believe it or not, you might actually have old windows collecting in your basement for years. And in the rare case that you do, you can try putting them together to form excellent wall decor that would look great with industrial interior decor.

Like the others, you should lay them out on the floor before hanging them up to avoid unseamly mistakes.

#8 Stenciling the Walls

Stenciling the Walls
Junk Mail

Stenciling one part of the wall is a great way to make a statement. It also turns that one corner of the room into a feature.

To stencil a wall really well, you need to start with the base color. Afterward, you can tape the stencil to the wall using painter’s tape and start rolling on the paint.

#9 DIY Chalkboards

DIY Chalkboards
Info India Tour

Yet another good wall decor for the dining room and the kitchen, a DIY chalkboard. You can replace the designs daily or leave it on for a week.

In addition, it also doubles as an announcement board. Plus, you can write down your menu for funsies. This is especially good for homeowners who love to do calligraphy on their own, and for those of you who fancy sticking square notes for reminders.

#10 Sticking Inspirational Messages

Sticking Inspirational Messages
Amanda’s Designer Decals

Inspirational messages in any part of the house are welcome. These look really good posted in the entryway, your bedroom, study, or even the dining room and the kitchen. Who doesn’t appreciate inspirational texts around the house? These bring good vibes and encourage positivity around the house.

Creative Wall Decor

Forget your walls looking mediocre. It’s time to kick them up a notch, put up some things, and take your newly furnished wall to a whole other level. Try out these ideas and turn any space from good to great in a matter of days.

Katherine Belle

Katherine Belle is a contributor at Enjoy Canvas. She goes to great lengths to seek out new interior designs every time. She likes reading, designing, and of course, writing about interior design.