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Working out allows you to stay in excellent shape, both physically and mentally. However, there is an additional benefit you might want to consider and that is the effect your training will have on the members of the opposite sex. Let’s face it, guys, women love guys who work out and look fantastic.

There are certain exercises you can consider trying out, in order to impress that special somebody. Keep in mind that the ladies who are at the gym are interested in fitness as well, so you need to work out at a compatible pace. In the following paragraphs, you will find a number of interesting suggestions worth considering.

#1 Squats

Part of the classical training routine, squats will help you develop your leg muscles and display your overall strength. You can combine the squats with weightlifting, or opt for the simple version. No doubt, you will notice that all the ladies have their eyes on you. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, these exercises can be of help, as they are boosting your testosterone levels.

Why are squats so essential? The answer is simple. Most guys have the tendency to work out their upper body, without paying too much attention to their legs. This leads to a physique that is anything but balanced. You need squats to strengthen and tone your leg muscles, looking better than ever.

#2 Bench presses

Bench presses are a clear display of strength but they also demonstrate to women that you care about your chest. Women are drawn to a man’s chest, especially when it is filled with muscles. Keep in mind that such exercises can help with erectile problems; of course, you can also consider the best testosterone boosters for such matters.

You can perform bench presses in different ways, using either barbells or dumbbells. What matters is that you work out those pectorals, getting in shape and toning your chest. It is obvious that strength equals sexy and the ladies will love seeing you doing bench presses. The bigger the weights, the more you will develop your upper body strength and impress your lady.

#3 The Cardio Workout

While it is great to work on your muscle tone and strength, you have to think of the bigger picture (especially if you are looking to impress that special someone). You need to consider the cardio workout, as this will help have a functional physique – a plus for any man looking to make a positive impression on a lady.

What does the cardio workout entail? Well, consider any kind of training that targets cardiovascular health, such as running. Opt for such exercises to boost testosterone levels and also to increase your overall stamina, which will help you last longer in bed. You can opt for jogging or play your favorite sport as well.

#4 Deadlifts

The deadlift is probably one of the most difficult exercises you can opt for but with numerous benefits in return. Women love seeing guys lifting heavy things, feeling turned on by the sight of muscles and strength. They are fascinated by the adrenaline resulting from all that effort, waiting for the moment when the weight is thrown on the floor.

Upon seeing you being able to lift so much, women imagine that you can also do the same for them. Ladies love the idea of being lifted in your arms, so deadlifting is definitely a good choice. Once again, these exercises can help with erectile problems.

#5 Pull-ups

As it was already mentioned, developing your upper body strength is a definite point of interest for the ladies. Well, pull-ups are among the exercises you might want to consider for such purposes. Women adore watching their favorite guys pulling their body up, and seeing those strong muscles in action.

There is another reason for which you might want to do pull-ups. These will demonstrate that you are a strong man, prepared for any challenge that might lie ahead. They are not as difficult to perform once you have reached a certain level of training and they will definitely help you make that positive impression on your favorite lady.

#6 Bar Dips

If you are going to show your strength, there is no better way to do that than with bar dips. These will show that you are strong enough for more difficult exercises while allowing the ladies to get a better view of your chest and shoulder muscles. You can also add weights to draw even more attention to your perfect body.

The most important thing is to be aware of your limits and perform within your abilities. Never add more weight than you can handle, otherwise, you will risk hurting yourself. You can also require a friend or a gym buddy to spot you during the bar dips, or at least to help you take the weight off when you are done.

#7 Lunges

Lunges are incredibly easy to perform, being part of the basic training routine of every guy. They can be used to strengthen your lower body but to increase your core strength, demonstrating that you are powerful and sexy at the same time. Perhaps the main benefit to consider is that lunges can help you achieve perfect buttocks, which are loved by all the women.

What matters is that you perform the lunges correct, so that you avoid placing excess pressure on your joints and keep the risk of injury down to a minimum. Lunges deliver a lot of benefits, allowing you to strengthen your abs, achieve improved balance and even boost your metabolism. They make you more function, which is another plus for the ladies.

#8 Floor Presses

Whether performed as such or with the help of dumbbells, you can be certain that this exercise will help you strengthen both chest muscles and your triceps. Women are more than attracted to a guy with a strong arm, so you can certainly include the floor press into your workout routine.

The good news is that there are other variations you can consider for this exercise. The barbell floor press allows you to experience the benefits of powerlifting, impressing all of the ladies with your strength. You can also opt for the Swiss bar floor press, as this can maximize the training performance. With such exercises, you will have great upper body strength and well-defined muscles.

#9 Leg Raises

These leg raises can do wonders for your calf muscles and the good news is that they do not require any complex equipment to be performed. You can use a stepper or a platform for more correct execution, as well as add dumbbells for added complexity. These exercises will strengthen and tone your leg muscles, drawing the attention to your calves.

From another perspective, it is worth mentioning that the leg raises can enhance your ankle mobility. In turn, this can be seen as a positive change, as it will allow you to perform other exercises, destined to develop your lower body strength. The leg raises should be part of your regular workout, as they can help you have more defined calves and stay in the spotlight.

#10 Ab Wheel Rollout

You are probably familiar with this exercise, which requires that you get on all fours and use the ab wheel. What you have to do is roll forward, using the equipment to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. Upon noticing a guy for the first time, women will check out his abs and decide whether he is worth pursuing or not.

It is important to understand that this exercise is more than perfect for developing your core strength. You will strengthen not only your abdominal muscles but also your lower back, showing to your favorite lady that you are all about strength and power. The ab wheel poses a special challenge, in the sense that you will work on your abs and fight to gain extra strength at the same time.


These are some of the best exercises you can consider doing at the gym, in order to impress your favorite someone. As you have seen, each of these exercises has the advantage to offer – some allow you to develop your upper body strength, others to tone your abs or strengthen your calf muscles.

It is essential to understand that women love a guy who works out on a regular basis, as this proves to them that you take care of your body and care about the way you look. Moreover, they are drawn to men who are strong, with well-toned muscles, as these physical attributes confer a sense of security.

Physical workouts can be beneficial for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, caused by a low testosterone level. You can use the recommended exercises to boost testosterone levels and also consider natural supplements for their obvious benefits.

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