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For a small business that hasn’t given much thought to how they can benefit from local search, they`re omitted out. Optimizing your local business listings for local search is an excellent way to reach your potential consumers while getting traffic to your site. In this digital era, most of the people turn to search engines to get introduced to local businesses that can meet their needs.

To optimize your business for local search, the same rigorous SEO work required for every page. But there are some extra efforts you need to make for boosting your appearance in local searches.

Below we have shared 11 SEO tips to make sure that you are getting the most out of local business marketing:

Claim Your Spot on Google Places & other Local Business Listings

Create a Google Places account and fill out all your information including photos, coupons, product offerings, or even videos. Make sure to insert some of your keywords in your description box, avoid going overboard. In addition to that, set up an account for other search engines such as Bing Local, and Yahoo Local. Positioning your spot on Google places enables your business to appear in Google+ Local mobile searches.

Optimize For Geo-Targeted Keywords

Geo-Targeted Keywords includes the name of the city – in your title, h2, Meta tags, and content.
Include Internal Website Pages (“About Us and “Contact Us) To Target Local Terms

Ensure that business hour, directions, and contact info is involved. For example; if you have a restaurant business, create a menu. Using content creates an additional opportunity to reinforce your place.

Maximize Your Business and Website Reviews

A happy pocket full of shiny yellow stars and comments can be a huge advantage. Try to encourage reviews with promotional offers, or ask for feedback via social media and your mailing lists.

Create an Impressive Social Media/

Social media is a powerful tool to foster community and building relationships, so naturally, it goes along with local listing optimization. In addition, social media play a great role in increasing SERP rankings. Hence, it is an obvious choice for any business, looking to create an online presence.

For Multiple Locations, Set Up Different Landing Pages

In the case of multiple business locations. Set up a landing page for each location and optimize each page for proper location keywords.

Links from Other Related Local Businesses

For instance – If you’re a store selling dog toys, consider reaching out to the local dog shelter, animal hospital, or even local bakery that makes dog-friendly treats. Expecting help directly from competitors is not a good idea, therefore, reach out them and exchange links and information related to businesses.

Get Listed In Directories

On the internet, there are an ample number of business directories, you can get citations in. Adding solid links to these directories can help in improving your ranking and make it easy for local customers to find your business.

Get citations in free local listing sites like Trusted Business Reviews, Yelp, SuperPages, CitySearch, TrueLocal, Express Update, Citysquares.com, MojoPages.com, infoUSA and many more.

Include the HTML [address] Tag

It benefits in bracketing your business address with the [address] [/address] tag. Every reference you get from a reputable site is a vote in favor of your legitimate membership at that geo-location.

Your Website Needs To Be Responsible

In today`s era, people are more likely to use their mobile devices while searching for a local solution to their problem, whether they are looking for the closest coffee shop, or are stranded and need local car repairs. With the increasing eminence of smartphones, people don’t plan ahead as often and end up looking for solutions on the go. Having a responsive website that is easily accessible on mobile, enables searchers to discover you in their desperate hour of need.

Old-School Advertising Still Matters

Publishing an ad in local papers or church bulletins makes your customers and community members aware of your business. Little extra efforts for recognition could mark the difference between you and your competitors.

Tapping into the local search results can create a huge difference, especially for small businesses who are targeting their competitors. We hope the above advice has helped you with your local online marketing campaign.

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