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startup business
By EMANI ZENDAYA 1,424 views

11 Startup Business Goals to Reach as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, your biggest goal is driving your startup business to success and making it profitable. And while it is challenging to grow significantly, especially during the first year, it is not impossible. There are different milestones that entrepreneurs can look into ticking off the box in their startup guide. Focusing on these and tailoring their work strategies will make it more convenient to grow and establish the business in the industry. Thus, here’s a look at a few milestones that startups should work on achieving in their first year.

Startup Achievements are not only the pathway as most pioneers consider that necessities to follow for progress. It’s more similar to a development timetable where you tick off those vital startup achievements. Here, every startup business achievement connotes a goliath jump toward a major future endeavor.

11 Milestones for a Startup to Achieve in its First Year of Business

  • Building a Successful Prototype

A prototype is a sample of the product you want to put out into the market. It will show investors and the public that your project is feasible and will provide efficient solutions. It is a milestone for startups in the early stage as it allows them to put down their foot into the market and work on making their products or services more accessible. 

  • Releasing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

After you develop a prototype, the next thing that startups should do is turn it into a minimum viable product (MVP). MVPs are prototypes that have gone under further development and can provide solutions. This critical milestone helps bring the first set of customers toward a startup. 

  • Receiving Customer Feedback

Once you have your MVP, you can give it to a select group of customers. Ask them to test it out as much as possible and give you their honest thoughts. By considering this information, startups can apply it and tailor more efficient products for higher customer engagement. 

  • Improving Market Validation

Market validation refers to determining if your product meets your target consumer’s needs. If more consumers feel that the product serves its purpose, the startup meets the milestone of high market validation. Are customers reacting positively to it, and is it giving them the desired solutions? 

  • Creating a Profitable Model

A business model caters to determining the target audience for a startup’s product or service and helps identify the best ways to connect with them to generate profits. A profitable model is a significant milestone for a startup as it sets the stone to become a permanent establishment in the industry.

  • Landing Paid Users

Getting customers to pay you to access your products and services consistently is a milestone, as more and more people are now recognizing your work to be efficient and of benefit to them. Landing paid users is also the beginning for startups to grow their revenue. 

  • Have Repeat Consumers

Customers are excellent, but having customers who come back again for your products is even better. If startups can achieve this milestone, they are guaranteed to grow in the industry and attract vast audience groups to their business. 

  • Bringing in a Hire

Once startups have their foundation in place, they can look to hire their first employee. It is a significant milestone to achieve, especially in the first year, as the business is proliferating and allowing the startup to pay for an additional person to join its workforce. However, before hiring employees, a startup must apply for a federal tax ID in Tennessee or other states for employment tax reporting purposes.

  • Building a Scalable Strategy

A scalable strategy refers to marketing practices and other sources that will help you reach a broad audience base and make them aware of your business. Indulge in social media posts, email marketing, and other digital marketing sources to help you connect with your customers and grow your reach. 

  • Building Consistent Revenue

A continuous flow of revenue within the first year is a significant milestone for any startup to cross. It means that the business is in a place where it is increasing its success in the market at a comfortable pace. 

  • Landing the First Funding

Venture capital funding or similar sources of funds are beneficial assets to a startup. If the startup can connect with investors willing to invest in the business, not only will the startup have more opportunities to access, but they will also be able to build official workplaces and gather resources that weren’t accessible earlier.


When entrepreneurs are working to establish their startups, keeping these milestones in mind will allow them to develop efficient strategies and achieve maximum success. In their first year, startups may face numerous challenges that may slow down their progress and work. However, if they can cater their work and strategies to meet different milestones at every stage, it will become convenient for the startups to overcome every challenge. Startup Achievements are ‘following imprints’ for the two New companies and Financial speculators. They are essential for raising the ideal assets from VCs. As it characterizes how much a startup has struck off its critical objectives to demonstrate its skill to likely financial backers.

Emani Zendaya

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