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2018 Hair Trends
By TERRY SHIN 1,710 views

2018 Hair Trends: Color, Cut, And Style

“New year, new me,” is such a common phrase that people are starting to make it a point to have new hairdos by January. But even before the new year, hair stylists and celebrities have donned different hairstyles that will make their mark for 2018. Here’s a list of the 5 hair trends that made it to the charts:

 1. Long bob

The lob, or the long bob, became popular in 2017 and its popularity still extends to 2018. It’s one of the go-to hairstyles for a lot of people simply because it matches any face shape and skin complexion. You can also do a lot of things with a lob since there’s no set length or style for it. Stars like Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner have donned this versatile cut with a lot of different shades.

 2. All kinds of blonde

Whether it’s platinum blonde, dirty blonde, or Nirvana blonde, blondes definitely have more fun when it comes to hair styling. A lot of celebrities from different parts of the world have started dying their hair blonde so this means that you don’t have to have a fair complexion just to rock it. To add more volume and color to it, you can dye the hair strands blonde and keep the roots dark.

 3. Wavy and low maintenance bangs

If you thought that Koreans were the only people who obsessed over see-through bangs, then you’re wrong. Almost a lot of women started cutting their own bangs last 2017 and a lot more are considering to do so this 2018. What made it popular was it being low-maintenance. Gone are the days when people wanted straight and full bangs. See-through bangs or waterfall bangs are able to give a softer and more feminine look to any woman’s face and they can easily look edgy especially when you curl them.

 4. Going retro

Have you ever heard of your parents or grandparents saying that fashion repeats itself? Well, they’re right about that because retro hairstyles are making a comeback in 2018. From the 70’s to the 90’s, people are taking that trip to memory lane as they pull off big curls, geometric cuts, teased buns, etc. And as more people try out these styles, you’d be amazed that fashion has no time either. Can you imagine geometric cuts being the new style of the future?

To add to that, it’s not just the hairstyles that have made a comeback. Hair accessories like scrunchies and scarves are becoming more famous as new styles and modern pieces are produced that have a retro air in them. Take, for example, the scrunchie. The modern twist for this is to not use something that’s too big and when you do use a scrunchie, keep your hair in a sleep style so that it isn’t too much.

 5. Barrettes

If you haven’t heard of barrettes, they are bar-shaped clips that you put on your hair. Of all the hair accessories for 2018, this is the accessory to look for and to try. Barrettes not only add color to your hair, but they’re also very functional since you can part your hair towards any direction and a barrette can hold it in place. If you’re a lazy girl who doesn’t want to try that much (or at least look like you tried too much), a barrette is perfect to add a little extra to your hair.

Although there are more hairstyles, colors, and accessories to come as 2018 progresses, you don’t have to religiously try all of them. There is bound to be a hairdo that suits you perfectly and whether it’s trending or not doesn’t really matter as long as you feel confident about it.

About the author:

Terry Shin is the salon owner and director of the top-notch Nara Hair Korean hair salon in Melbourne. He has been providing an excellent service to his clients for over a decade. He has finished multiple courses on his field including the London Toni & Guy Contemporary Classic Course Diploma. To know more about different hairstyles visit https://www.narahairsalon.com/

Terry Shin