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crossbow holder wall mount
By JOE MAILLET 1,406 views

3 Archery Exercises To Improve Your Skills And Get Fitter

As an archery enthusiast, you work on your aim and focus on improving your game. Your archery skills are also determined by your fitness. So, apart from investing in good equipment and getting good practice, get some workouts done to sharpen your prowess.

Like you invest time to choose the perfect crossbow and the right crossbow holder wall mount, dedicate some time to exercises that will make you a more accurate and fit archer. We have listed three exercises every archer should be doing.

1. All types of cardio

Whether you are participating in a target competition or are bowhunting in the woods, regular cardio will alleviate your performance. It equips you with stable footing and stamina, enhancing your endurance and accuracy.

As bowhunting experts providing high-quality folding wall mount online, we know target competitions can be long and tiring. Bowhunting entails long-distance treks to pursue and track the game and coming all the way after the hunt. Proper cardio will ensure you do not get exhausted and remain focused throughout.

You can pick any cardiovascular exercise. Running and swimming are great options. You just need an open road to go out for a run, and it engages the entire body, but it is a high-impact workout. Many archers prefer swimming as it is a low-impact workout that boosts your upper body strength.

2. Push-ups

The muscle groups targeted by push-ups are of utmost importance to archers, namely your triceps, pectoral muscles, and the muscles at your shoulders back. Push-ups improve your upper body strength and work on your hip stability.

Include push-ups in your workout routine to increase the stability in your shoulders and, therefore, improve your bowhunting skills.

A tip, rather than focusing on the number of push-ups, work on your form. Doing one push-up with great form will be more effective than four done with poor form.

3. Planks

While arm and back strength is crucial in archery, a strong core will also help you improve your archery skills. Planks feature on the list of exercises that boost core strength. They develop:

  • Glutes- Your glute plays a significant role when it comes to accuracy. It supports your back necessary for a good posture which is vital for getting your archery technique right.
  • Obliques- Often referred to as the “six-pack,” obliques help you hold a steady position when you have the bow drawn.
  • Transversus abdominus- The long, muscular sheet on your abdominal wall’s lateral sides is your transverse’s abdominous. You can call it your ab muscles’ foundation. Working on it makes the core more stable.

These exercises will not only make you fitter but will also bring about improvements in your archery skills.

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Joe Maillet

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