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It doesn’t require magic to be creative and make great artworks, thanks to diamond painting. No specialized skills are needed because anyone can try out their creative sides. It is a fun way to pass time doing something meaningful, training your mind to focus and watch as your piece of art takes shape. All it takes are crystal gems that look like diamonds. It requires a lot of precision to carefully arrange the diamonds on a canvas to produce an artwork.

Due to the use of a blend of various styles of art, there are different types of diamond painting Kaufen kits that you will find in the market. Each is designed differently to bring out equally diverse results. It is a craft that can be learned and practiced over time.

Despite the differences, there are a couple of attributes that almost all diamond painting kits have in common. A typical kit should contain the following items:

  • An applicator tool: This is used for laying out the crystals as you come up with your own pieces of art using the diamonds.
  • Canvas material: It is the surface in the form of resin, plastic or fabric on which real work is done. With it comes the design chart.
  • Colored crystals: The gems can easily be arranged in different ways and as per your personal preferences. For example, if you are to create artworks that look complete, then the square gems are recommended but for abstract pieces of art, then round ones will do the trick.
  • Glue: Used for arranging and ensuring that the gems are properly fixed on the canvas to bring out the artwork.

Having understood what is contained in a 5D diamond painting kit, it is time to delve into the details of various types of available kits and their applications

1.General kits

These are the most common diamond painting kits that are currently available in a broad spectrum of designs. They are highly recommended for individuals who want to awaken their creativity. They come in various sizes, and beginners are advised to start with the smaller kits, practise for sometime before advancing to the larger and more expensive ones. Some companies have specialized giveaways to get you started with these kits. With the general kits, you can create abstract designs, favorite animals, different elements of nature, among others.

These kits are also accompanied by unique canvases and pictures in different sizes, which is ideal for simple artworks that can be done fast. On the other hand, to capture sharper details and higher resolutions, you can attain that with a larger picture. Even though bigger pictures will take more time to work on, you will attain a finer and clearer artwork than smaller ones. You can play around with more colors.  Irrespective of the picture size or design, what matters here is your creativity with diamond painting kits.

2. 3D & 5D diamond painting kits

Most general kits will have limited designs. In such cases, you are at liberty to choose a custom diamond painting Kaufen kit that allows you to customize and bring out the best of your personal pictures. Most vendors will come with straight-forward instructions on how to create your customized diamond canvas surfaces. Feel free to transform your favorite family portrait into a shiny piece of art with gems in 3D or 5D kits. What are the similarities and differences between the two?

Well, both 3D and 5D diamond painting kits are easy to use. The main difference lies in the number of facets, with 3D being 3-faceted while 5D are 5-faceted. The advantage of 5D over 3D is the fact that the high number of facets refracts more light, making their artworks shinier.

Irrespective of the type of custom kit you purchase, the fact that painting with diamonds is a relaxing and therapeutic activity that will leave you satisfied. You can use these kits to give old photos in your personal albums a sparkling new look. They will further appear original and these paintings can be given out as a gift to a friend or family.

3. Multi-panel kits

While there are some artworks that can comfortably work with one panel, the artistic vision may not be captured comprehensively. In such cases, you might want to consider multi-panel diamond painting kaufen kits that give you enough space to bring out the best of your creativity on more than one panel. They are especially recommended for cultural sceneries, wide landscapes or even inspirational quotes.

The sizes of multi-panels varies from one vendor to another. You can have up to 5 panels, allowing the freedom you need to paint your masterpieces that can bring life to your kitchen, dining room, hallway or even the office with multi-panel diamond painting kits.

4. Led diamond painting kits

While 5D diamond painting kits are great for amazing and sparkling artworks, they can even get better with the led sets. These artworks are illuminated with led-installed bulbs behind the canvas for that extra glow on your artwork. They are especially recommended Christmas-themed portraits, snowy scenes or any other scene that looks great on some extra glow, breathing fresh life into artworks.

A set of the LED diamond painting Kaufen kit also comes with several crystal pick up pens, pre-installed switch and batteries. They can also be connected directly to electricity for the best impressions.


The craze around diamond painting right now is informed by the fun people are having in transforming existing portraits or coming up with amazing designs of their own. It is the best way to lighten up your home, give a friend something memorable or just feel accomplished for a job well done. This is not a reserve for professional artists but open to all people who would like to hone their creative skills. All you have to do is to choose a nice diamond painting kit, follow straightforward instructions and get started. Don’t be in a rush to jump to the complex artworks. Instead, start with the general kits, smaller and simple paintings and move to more advanced kits for larger artworks.

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