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Apartment Look Stylish
By ANEESH 1,089 views

4 Basic Accessories To Make Your Apartment Look Stylish

Moving into the perfect apartment you found on the list of residential properties in Palakkad or been settled at your flat for a while now… There is no right time to spruce your crib. A few basic elements and you could have your apartment looking straight out of a home decor magazine!

No matter the size, a few good accessories (and of course taking away a few unnecessary ones) could transform your space like magic.

Keeping the expanse of your rooms in mind, you could play around with the size of the accessories.  

Let’s get going then,


The space where you love to put your legs up, and binge watch your favourite series, say your bedroom or entertain friends when they come over,  maybe the living area; the accessory to adorn it would be an ottoman! It is convenient and looks sophisticated too. The elegant form of storage which easily blends in with your decor. Moreover, it doubles up as a seat for your parties.

Floor Rugs

Take the decor in your dining room, bedroom or living up a notch with a nice floor rug. A right rug adds a nice splash of colour to your rooms, and it also acts a parting element to help distinguish between different areas if you are living in a small apartment. Place them strategically under your dining table, at the foot of your bed or at an angle to accentuate your special furniture piece.

Light it up!

You don’t need many light fixtures to make your room look in vogue. One big statement floor lamp that can light up your room will do. But because you don’t want it taking up lots of floor space, opt for a thin light fixture with probably a heavy base to hold the lamp in place. And then… there was light!

Bedroom Benches

This piece of furniture goes on the front of your bed, and it is a great style addition to your room. It can double as bed linen storage, a little bedroom coffee table or just an extra set when you need one. But whatever your reason, go get yourself a bedroom bench and see your room go from meh to magical.


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