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4 Question to Ask Every Home Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling contractors always get numerous calls every year for the house remodeling. You need a remodeling contractor in case you want extra space in your garage or give a makeover to your outdated kitchen. Remodeling of your house surely gives a new and fresh look to your house. Those days have gone when one contractor are doing all your remodeling work. It tends to make a jack of all and master of none. Now every client is educated enough to ask if the given project will be taken care by the contractor. According to Joseph Dileo founder of LVR restoration, before finalizing the remodeling contractor, there are few questions which need to be asked to your contractor.

Are you located in my Area?

If you have searched few contractors names over the internet then it will be good to ask if they provide service in your area or not. As not ever contractor provide long distance services due travel time constraint. Being situated in your area, travel time will be decreased and hence better the customer service. Response time will be quick and you need not follow the contractor for any minor things. If your selected contractor is situated out of your area then you can ask him for the reference of another contractor in your area.

Are you specialized in my project?

Not all the contractors can be specialized in every type of house remodeling. Many contractors restrict the project they performed. Keep in mind that this is a good thing. Write down a short description of your project. Explain over the phone that what type of remodeling you want to have with your kitchen. If it involves removing of structural walls then ask your contractor whether he will be capable enough for relocating load bearing walls.

Will you complete my project on time?

Although it is a difficult question to be answered by a contractor because it depends upon how much time you take to make decisions. Keep in your mind that a good home remodeling contractor will be in demand and will have a backlog of work. Take your time as rushing through the design process can ruin your project.

Why have you chosen house remodeling as your profession?

This sounds bit weird however to know the answer to this question is very important for you. Find out why they love doing what they do. Ask them about their mission statement. Their beliefs should match with your core beliefs.

The last tip is to have a phone conversation. A discussion over the phone will give you an idea if your personalities will fit. Have frank honest conversation.

Now the debate comes to an end when it’s known from the discussion that choosing a house re modeler is not an easy task however with a wise approach, you can narrow down your research. Get the answers to the above questions and hopefully, you end with grabbing the best in the town.

Joseph Dileo is certified Re modeler and owner of LV Restoration services, a remodeling firm located in Las Vegas.

Manpreet Singh

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