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toddler shoelaces
By ASHLY WILLIAM 1,396 views

4 Reasons to Carry Tieless Laces Off to School with Aplomb

If you’re a first-timer at sending your little one to school, there are umpteen amounts of troubles that can keep you worried. The most troublesome thing on your mind is, of course, the safety of your child.

In addition to this, children tend to be really clumsy at this age, making your concerns far more relevant. In such cases, we’re giving you one less thing to break your head over. Since sneakers are the preferred choice of all school-going children, they have to be responsible enough to prevent any tripping or tumbling due to laces dangling on the sides of their shoes. This is why toddler shoelaces have to be fall proof, and there’s no better fall protection than with a pair of no-tie shoelaces at your disposal.

What Are Tieless Laces?

The word in itself says it all. No-tie laces are laces which need to be strung through your sneaker eyelets just once, and that’s all, no more tying to do. Tieless laces are made from sturdy, elastic fibers that can enable you to fit into your sneakers with the utmost comfort, minus all the repetitive tying.

A Boon for Parents

Considering the efficiency of no-tie laces, they are the best option for your child’s sneakers, especially since they don’t come undone, and hence aren’t a flight risk. Here are the top four reasons as to why you should really consider carrying tieless laces to school, with your children, for the best results.

Easy on the Kids

Younger children can find it really difficult to tie their own shoelaces. If you come to look at it, the task is truly herculean for a three-year-old at a pre-school to tackle. Moreover, it may not be possible for someone to assist your child all the time since there are several other children to be catered to as well. In such cases, easy shoelaces can potentially save your little one from a lot of trouble, especially since there’s no chance of them coming undone in the first place. This is why toddler shoe laces should much rather be easy, tieless laces.

Fall-Free Laces

The most important task that no-tie laces perform is staying put, no knots needed. Kids hate being interrupted by undone laces and couldn’t care less if they stay so in the middle of an intense playtime session. In scenarios like these, children tend to fall right down, hurting themselves quite a bit in the process. If you want to avoid several worried trips to the emergency room, grabbing a pair of easy shoelaces for your little one can work wonders.

Kid, Uninterrupted

Be it at school, or anywhere else, kids truly need to explore their surroundings without any sort of hindrance coming in their way. You wouldn’t want your child to miss out on the joys of life, all because his/her shoelace came off. If your kiddo is entirely engrossed in a game that he/she is playing, why stop the fun mid-way and get him/her to sit down at tie undone sneaker laces. Just grab a pair of no-tie laces and affix it with a pattern that provides maximum comfort to your child’s foot.

A League of Fun Colors

When it comes to buying easy shoelaces, there is no shortage of colors. Amidst a wide range of colors, you can choose the brightest, boldest and the most fun colors for your child to wear. You can bring life to your kid’s sneakers with multiple colored laces as well as contrasting colors that your children will love loads!

These are the 4 legit reasons to carry tieless shoelaces off to school with your little ones!

Ashly William

Ashly William is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. Her content is published on many national and international publications. She has expertise in writing about beauty, fashion & lifestyle.

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