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By EMMA MIAH 1,865 views

4 Techniques to Perfect Your Makeup Application

The makeup is not like a mask that you can just pick it up and apply on the face. Applying the makeup is a creative process as it is a form of art. The makeup that you choose to is an extension of your personality so you need to make sure that you explore and experiment until you find the style and colors that work for you.

Practice and precision are required to master the art of applying makeup because smallest detail can have a huge impact on the end result of the look. To learn the basic skills I did some research on the beauty schools near me and learned a lot from the professionals.

Here are a few makeup techniques that I found essential to learn to perfect the makeup application.

Preparing the Skin Before Makeup:

Before you pick up the makeup kit and start applying it on your face you need to make sure that the skin is properly prepared. If the skin is not prepared then the makeup can be hard on the skin. Prepping the skin for the makeup is crucial for keeping it fresh, soft and glowing.

Always cleanse the face so that there is no trace of oil or dirt. Dab some toner on the skin using a cotton pad and it will help in balancing the pH of the face. You should never forget the moisturizer because the skin needs to be properly hydrated to have a glowing look. The moisturizer keeps the skin healthy under the makeup. Adding a few drops of rose water to the moisturizer is a great idea.

A Flawless Base:

The base is an important part of the makeup so you need to master the technique of a flawless base. The first step to a perfect base is applying a primer. It will increase the longevity of the makeup and it will not be affected by sweating. You need to make sure that the foundation that you choose is similar to the shade of the skin. Check the shade of the foundation by rubbing it on the back of the hand. Apply it on the face by using a damp sponge or a brush. Blend the foundation properly along the neck, face, and jawline.

The Concealer:

The concealer is used for covering up blemishes, dark circles, and spots that bother you. If you want to even out the shade of the skin then you should choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Do not rub the product. Just dab the product on the spots and blend the edges so it blends seamlessly with the foundation.

Makeup Precautions:

Hygiene is an important part of applying makeup because you have to take care of the skin. Always invest in high-quality products that are not full of harmful chemicals. Wash hands with antibacterial soap before applying makeup. Store the makeup in a dry and cool place and you should be extra careful while applying eye makeup so that you do not end up hurting the eyes.

If you want to get good at highlighting your features then you need you need to practice all the different aspects of makeup and with time you will be able to master it.

Emma Miah