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Motorised Roller Blinds
By EVAN JAVIER 1,281 views

5 Advantages of Motorised Roller Blinds You Should Know

The simple accessibility of anything motorised is the biggest convenience. As in case of motorised roller blinds, the lowering or raising of blinds is just a touch of a button away. Even your child and differently-able family member can easily control these blinds by remote control system. Customisability of such a technology in terms of sizes is available in the market. In addition, these motorised blinds save time and you can easily install these blinds within few hours only. There are multiple benefits by installing the motorised roller blinds for your home.

Benefits of Motorised Roller Blinds:

  • Safety– Motorised blinds offer safety that is imperative to families having pets and people can easily access these durable blinds by their remote control systems. The fact that they are wireless, it rules out any chances of breakage and further inconvenience.
  • Design– The absence of wires to these blinds gives them a sleek edge over their wired counterparts. They bring into the table a sense of elegance and tidiness. It becomes easier to align the blinds and match the desired position to perfection.
  • Protection– Motorised blinds help protect homes from burglary. They are controlled by a remote, and hence can have set them according to the specific times of the day. The regulation of the blinds to open or close makes it evident that someone is home, which wards off potential threats in the form of burglars and other unforeseen felonies. These blinds will provide you utmost security and privacy level and you can also install these blinds on your kitchen and bathroom windows. These blinds are rust proof and they can provide you better longevity and durability.
  • Energy-efficiency– The option to set timers helps the user to cut down on the energy costs. It also allows the consumer to alter the opening and closing of the blinds with changing seasons. It can be used to regulate just the right amount of light to enter to facilitate a nice nap for the house-pets. These blinds can prevent sun heat and keep your rooms cool during summer days. So you do not need to run your air conditioner all the time and you can save your power consumption cost. Similarly, they can also block the cool air flow during winter session and they will save your room heating cost.
  • Living Room as A Home Theatre– The blinds are drawn with touch of a button, which in turn sets the mood for movie-watching, and you can turn your living room into a private theatre hall by installing these blinds. Home automation systems such as the motorised blinds can stimulate presence by scheduling the regulation of these blinds while the consumer is away on holidays or business trips.

How much do Motorised Roller Blinds Cost?

The difference in the price range varies due to the several types of motor available in the market. Whether the motors are made up of battery, hard material wire or plug-ins, it certainly affects the pricing of the blinds. The prices vary based on the size of your window. If you are confused regarding which one to choose, go with the simpler ones. You can search these blinds online and compare their price to choose an affordable one for your home. In this regard, you can contact the manufacturer of these blinds and they can customize their blinds according to your requirement.

The material you’re choosing for your blinds can make a difference. Like for example, real wood is expensive but faux wood is cheap. For real wood blinds with the motor can consume lot of energy. To save the energy consumption cost, you can go for some eco-friendly blinds.

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