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By JAMES DEAN 509 views

5 Common Causes Of Water Heater Service Calls

A hot shower is a wonderful experience. It’s the easiest way to begin the day. However, the situation is different when you can’t have a regular warm morning shower because the heater has unexplainable issues. Although not all problems with this device lead to a lack of water, might indicate signs of breakdown. Keep in mind that the water heater is one of the most expensive plumbing fixtures in a home. You have to understand the common causes of water heater service calls to protect your investment. Here they are.

Lack of hot water

This might result from many things including not powering the unit. Alternatively, tripping of the circuit breaker or a blown fuse might also cause a lack of hot water. Perhaps resetting the fuse might fix the issue. Additionally, you can also ensure that the pilot light is on. This requires relighting if it has gone out. The best solution is to call a professional who can handle the issue effectively.

Not enough hot water

As the water heater becomes older, its production of hot water decreases. Perhaps you’ve noticed a substantial loss in hot water production during normal use. Your thermostat might be faulty or the unit might have a leak. If the thermostat works efficiently and there’re no leaks, your tank might need flushing. Mineral buildup in the tank might be inhibiting water flow. Call a professional water heater technician to flush the deposits from the tank.

Water too hot

The first thing to do when the water from the heater is too hot is lowering the temperature on the thermostat. Afterward, check the water on a faucet after a few hours. Do you hear sounds of boiling water? Perhaps hot water or steam shoots out of the faucet before turning on. This means the unit isn’t turning off when the set temperature is reached. It’s a clear indication of faults in your water heater. The best thing to do is to get on the phone and request for water heater repair Sacramento CA to restore your unit and avoid inconveniences.

Rusty colored water

Have you noticed a color change in the water from your heater? This is enough to understand that there’s a problem with your unit. Perhaps cold water is clear. It’s a sign that your water heater needs flushing. Regular sediment deposition is responsible for discoloring the water. An experienced technician will restore your water quality after flushing the tank.

Smelly hot water

Is your hot water smelly but the cold water is okay? This is a sign that your tank requires flushing. Alternatively, your pilot light might have gone out. Consider turning off the gas valve and waiting for gas to dissipate. Can you smell the gas odor after a few minutes? Exit the building immediately and call the gas company. Perhaps the gas dissipates. Turn the gas back on and relight the pilot light. If this doesn’t sound like something you can manage, the solution is to call a professional with the right knowledge and experience to diagnose your unit and find a solution.


A water heater is one of the most important plumbing fixtures in a home. Looking out for signs of inefficiency is essential to ensure that your unit keeps running well always.

James Dean

James Dean is a content handler and blogger who loves to write as freelancer for their readers and followers. Dean has a fantastic ability to make the most complex subject matter easy to understand.