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abdul hadi mohamed fares - fitness

5 Fitness Tips For Football Player

Do you know how football player keep themselves physically fit and healthy? Do you know what they do to maintain their physique? According to football coach Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares, the reason behind their fitness is the habit of everyday workout. Are you curious to know those few best fitness tips? Let’s explore together.

Barbell Back Squats

Everyone knows about squats and their benefits. Not only gym fitness freak prefer this workout, but also soccer player makes it a part of their everyday routine. The benefits of this workout are that it strengthens the lower body part. Additionally, it gives shape and flexibility to your hamstrings muscles, hip, and quads. The barbell back squats needs a heavyweight over the shoulders that eventually put a load on the body and allow to back up into a standing positing. Experts consider this workout as one of the main workouts for soccer players because it gives complete mobility to lower body part of an individual.

Calf Raises

Although calf raises is not a very major workout, it plays an essential role in maintain football players’ health. If you are a sports player, you have to deal with injuries. However, preventing and healing injuries are possible with the right kind of workout. The most common injury is shin splint, and to prevent this injury, the best work out is calf raises. All you need to do is rest your hands on a wall and stand on the tip of your toes. Stay in this position for the next few seconds. Often doing this exercise prevent shin splint injury and increase the mobility of football player.

Agility Ladders

Whether you are a professional football player or coach, everyone knows working footwork is the most important thing every player need to consider. Handling the ball with feet is the most difficult task for anyone, and this is what makes a footballer expert. Coordination with your feet while moving can improve with the help of agility ladders workout. It allows an individual to strengthen joints and muscles. Also, doing this workout aware your mind to build your body coordination while playing a football game.

Zigzag Sprint

In a football game, every player needs to run, and sometimes they have to run and change direction quickly. Not everyone has this ability, but with practice, you can attain it. Now, what if a player gets injured while changing direction during the game? Well, this is the reason why most professional football players indulge in multiple different running workouts to maintain their shape and performance on the field. The most common and useful running workout is a zigzag sprint.  It focuses on speed, turning movements, and agility, which is the basics that make a football player the best in his game.

Medicine Ball Push-ups

No doubt, in football game one need lower body muscles more strong and strong, but we can’t ignore the upper body muscles as well. They also contribute to maintaining fitness to play perform on the field. Whether to hit the ball or block with chest, it required skills and power. The best thing you can do to develop these skills is indulging in medicine ball pushups. They not only help in strengthening chest and arms but also focus on shoulders and core. In short, it helps in stabilizing a body.

Final Words

These are the fitness secrets workout revealed by Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares. If you also want to build your strength and power to make your football game stronger, do follow these tips.

Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares

Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares is a well-known name in the sports industry in Brazil. He is a former player and a football coach who helped many individuals to pursue their dream as a successful footballer. Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares has had a long and amazing coaching career and is considered to be one of the most successful coaches in Brazil.

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