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Orthodontics provides excellent and comprehensive orthodontic treatment for people of all ages. It enables dentists to help patients with misalignments, crossbites, and more dental problems. For most people, the perfect smile is important, and for that, it is necessary to have straight teeth.

Today, most people rely on orthodontists for the best treatment plans; one of these includes the use of Invisalign to reposition the teeth of their patients. If you are an Invisalign provider or an orthodontist, it will be worthwhile to enroll in orthodontic continuing education such as Gerety Orthodontic Seminars to learn about the new trends and options in this treatment plan.

The fact is that patients prefer orthodontists who they know have enough experience in what they do. If you are an orthodontist, then here are five reasons why patients would prefer to choose you as their Elite Invisalign provider, but first, let’s look at what elite Invisalign providers are in orthodontics.

Who are Elite Invisalign Providers?

Elite providers are those specialists who are in the top 5% of providers selected by Invisalign. For a long time, these providers work with Invisalign products with at least about 300 patients treated in a lifetime. It is the highest level of achievement for any Invisalign provider.

1.     You are a Reliable Orthodontist with Invisalign Experience

It is quite simple, patients often prefer orthodontists who are guaranteed to be the most experienced providers of Invisalign. It shows patients that you have gone through a series of continuing education including courses to achieve this given designation because you meet the requirement of experience.

2.     Distinguishes You from General Dentists

As an elite provider, you show it to your patients that you have long-term knowledge and skills compared to general doctors. Although some general dentists can also treat orthodontic cases, most prefer to refer patients to specialists.

Keep in mind that some patients who require Invialign, especially those with more complex cases need treatment plans in conjunction with Invisalign. As an elite provider, you show that you know how to move teeth, improve bite, and guide the jaw for a healthier mouth and not just how to apply the product. Remember that Invisalign is not just a product; it is a technique that is a part of orthodontics.

3.     Knowledge of Different Cases

With experience, training through orthodontic seminars, and commitment, Elite Invisalign providers are able to treat a number of moderate and complex orthodontic cases using clear removable Invisalign aligners. The elite status means that you are qualified to plan for even the most complex movement of teeth. Since you have gone through continuing education, you get to treat different cases.

4.     Elite Providers are Different from Experts

Since Elite providers put in long term experience, this helps patients to distinguish you from other experts. Some cases may be more complex, and this would mean that you have to treat the problem in conjunction with Invisalign. Elite providers know everything there is to know on how to move teeth, improve the bite and guide the jaw for a healthier mouth. This assures patients that you know your job and encourages them to choose you as their Invisalign provider.

5.     Elite Providers Show Effective Results

Since Elite providers have more experience, potential patients will be able to go through pictures of the cases you have treated successfully. Also, as an elite provider, you will be able to tell your patients the cases you have treated with Invisalign. Remember that you through further education, you will use the Invisalign and your experience to enhance the smile of your patients with the best results.

Orthodontic Continuing Education for Orthodontists

These days, there is a growing demand for orthodontists to go through continuing education and there are great reasons to this. It allows you as an Invisalign provider to learn about the new techniques available in the field of orthodontics, as well as the modern innovations.

It opens you to a wider range of cases those other experts like you may have treated over the years.

Another good thing about continuing orthodontics education is it gives busy professionals the chance to learn online, from the comfort of their home, office, or any place at all. Often, they are much more affordable than other options like residency.

To ensure that you provide the best possible care for your patients, it is advisable that you make time and enroll in some of the courses or seminars available.

Take your time to ask the doctors about the duration of the seminars/courses and what possible outcome you can achieve to make Invisalign and the application of braces a better experience for your patients. Of course, with the best possible results as well!

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