Vitamins For Dry Skin

One can religiously follow the cleansing toning moisturizing routine every day and use expensive serums and creams but a vitamin deficiency in the body will still show up on the skin. Dry skin is one of the toughest skin types to reign in as the problem keeps oscillating between flaky skin and sensitivity. While there are a number of fancy products available in the market to tackle dry skin, yes a first but will always be the vitamins which help in repairing and protecting dry skin. Here are 5 vitamins which work you are 5 skin vitamins which work wonders for dry skinned people.

Vitamin E

While listing the best vitamins for dry skin, the vitamin has to be the forerunner in this race. With its immense and immaculate ability to soothe, heal and restore health back to dry skin, it is popular among people suffering from dry skin problems. It has a high content of antioxidants which are excellent in getting rid of free radicals and protect the layer of the skin from sun damage. This vitamin works well when taken in proper quantity in daily meals when taken as supplementary pills as well as when applied topically.

Vitamin D

Dry skin is always in search of nourishment and protection. Vitamin D gives it the right amount of both. Among the skin vitamins, vitamin D both protects the skin from acne and dry skin conditions like rosacea. It also plays a significant part in making sure the skin gets enough sunlight. Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D and thus, a healthy amount of it heals the skin naturally from within. Yet, only sunlight is not enough for the body. It needs to be present in the right amount in our diet and supplemented if needed.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is not generally placed with vitamins for dry skin but it is still necessary. It is a necessary vitamin for skin regeneration so that the dry lifeless skin cells can be replaced by new healthy ones. It girls inflammation of the skin when it is going through some issues and keeps redness under check as well which was quite common among dry skinned people. Making vitamin A part of your life can help you to stay away from dry, flaky skin which can lead to serious skin conditions like Eczema.

Vitamin B

There is a bunch of vitamin B complexes like B-6 and B-12 which are necessary skin vitamins for dry skin. They hydrate the skin and keep it supple enough to stay away from dry lips, the flaky appearance of skin and cracks around the mouth area. The cell renewal property of this vitamin also makes it a winner for dry skin.

Vitamin K

Though it is more popular for its blood coagulation properties, it is a caretaker of dry skin as well. Just like it repairs and soothes cuts and wounds, it also looks after the sensitivity, stretch marks and inflamed patches of redness on the skin which come as a package with dry skin.

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