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best sofa bed designs
By STEPHAN MARTY 2,298 views

5 tips on understanding which Sofa Design to opt for

Your sofa is often the centerpiece of a living room and is used most frequently for entertaining guests, gathering to spend time with friends and family or cozying up on the couch for a movie night. It is hence one of the most important investments you make and choosing one from the myriad of options in style and design, can be daunting.

Here are 5 tips to help you understand which sofa design to opt for:

  1. Space and Layout: The very first thing to do when you are thinking about buying a sofa is to measure out space where it will be placed. Using a painters tape to mark the desired size and then measuring it will help in narrowing down options. For example in small spaces, a large sectional might not be practical. Also, map out the layout of the living room and choose a design accordingly.
  2. Functionality: Deciding upon the functionality for your living space is a good start for choosing a sofa. If you intend to use it as a formal entertainment area, then a sophisticated and sleek designed sofa like a Chesterfield or mid-century modern sofa will be your best asset. In large spaces, structured sectionals work great for formal environments. However, for a laid back casual vive, a Tuxedo sofa or Bridgewater sofa or a Chaise lounge might be ideal. For more maximizing the space, you can buy some of the best sofa bed designs at Urban Ladder.
  3. Aesthetic: The main component that influences sofa design is the aesthetic and style you want for your living space. For contemporary homes, sectionals, Mid-century sofas, and Tuxedo sofas are great options while English roll Arms, Camelbacks and Lawson sofas are extra comfortable and inviting for the cozy cottage look. More stylistic designs like Chaise, Cabriole, Chesterfield and Sette add an artistic flair to living rooms.
  4. Material and frame: Hardwood frames last a lot longer than metal or plastic frames and you can buy wooden sofas online of great quality. Sofas with a mixed filling instead of all feather or all foam fillings, which are either too lumpy or too resilient, are affordable and comfortable. Select the fabric and finish carefully. Cotton and linen are durable but are difficult to clean while chenille stretches easily. Cotton velvet is a good choice as it is plush and durable.
  5. Seat and armrest: The seat depth of the sofa is the deciding factor for the formality level. A seat with less depth (about 18inches to 22 inches) can be used to sit upright and entertain guests but is in no way cozy. A deeper seat is perfect for slouching in for a movie night or snuggling in with a book. A rounder armrest is comfortable but looks quite traditional. For a modern yet classic look, a straight armrest blend in with any room style.

Sofas are the focal point of living rooms and choosing the right design by keeping in mind some of these tips can enhance the aesthetic and look of the space significantly.

Stephan Marty

Stephan Marty is a full-time writer with a keen interest in making friends and penning articles on any topic under the sun. She believes in living life to the fullest, and is on a constant lookout for new skills that she can acquire. She suggest to buy some of the best sofa bed designs at Urban Ladder