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By MOLLY CROWE 1,524 views


Plastering is a very important function for ensuring that the paint that you put on the walls of your houses stay intact and good over the years. Plastering means adding a extra coat of paint which is applied to your wall to protect it from any kind of knocks and dents and it turn a basic wall into stronger and durable one. However, Plastering is an extremely laborious job and requires high skill prior to painting work. Plasterers are highly skilled workmen who are experts in plastering. Choosing the correct plaster for your walls is also very important. We are sure you would not want your paint from the walls to fall off and create a situation of disarray. Hence using the proper plaster and the correct methodology of plaster is also very important. Any mistake in choosing the correct variety of plaster would mean that the investment made by you would be in vain.

Here are a few tips you must remember while plastering the walls of your houses using skilled plasterers –

  • Understand the Wall – Walls are made up of brick and stones. It is extremely important to determine whether the walls have low suction or high suction. Determining the low or high suction will decide the type of the plaster that needs to be used
  • Consistency– While mixing a plaster it is important to determine its consistency by adding the correct proportions of every ingredient. In order to determine whether the plaster is consistent or not you can test it on a hand board, turn it upside down and check whether it sticks or not
  • Edge Beading – While plastering around corners of walls or windows it is important to note that you apply the metal beads prior to plastering. This will help the plasterers align the plaster appropriately along the crevices
  • Check for Expiry Dates – Prior to plastering it is important to check whether the plaster is within the expiry date on the packet of the plaster. If an expired date of plaster is plastered on the walls by the plasterers,then it will either stick early or fall off earlier than expected.
  • Back Support – Ensure that while plastering the walls the plasterer shave been provided with a table and stand. This allows them to have an ergonomically appropriate position while doing work and would not create extra fatigue or back problems
  • The Direction of Plaster– While plastering the walls it is very important to note that the plasterers should maintain a particular direction of plastering. If the workmen are left handed, they should start from the top right-hand side of the wall and move to the bottom left-hand side. And if the workmen are right handed, they should move from the top left portion of the wall to the bottom right portion.

Apart from these 6 pivotal points, there are two more points that need to be kept in mind for the plasterers while plastering. The Trowel angle should always be maintained at 20-degree angle with the wall while plastering. If there is even a bit of a problem with the trowel angle, then this would end up causing terrible inconsistencies with the plastering of the wall and eventually lead to cracks and the plasters falling off. Apart from this, it is also important to have properly skilled plasterers doing the job. Please check whether the plasterers follow the above-mentioned points prior to plastering.

If all of these above points are satisfied, then you can be rest assured that you will be having a great consistent plaster for your wall which will last for a longer time and also ensure that your paint does not fall off thereby making your dream house look astounding and beautiful. Happy Plastering!

Molly Crowe

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