Use of VFD or Variable Frequency Drive provides for saving of energy and electricity and has many processes related benefits as well including controlled acceleration, adjustable speeds of operation, better efficiency and lower maintenance cost among others. Certain hazardous and dangerous environments do not facilitate the use of VFD and the costs and challenges become a major hindrance in these environments. VFD may not be used in certain conditions when the heat generated is too much for the drive to handle, and which leads to the failure of the enclosures.

Fortunately, the new explosion-proof VFD enclosure subdues or nullifies the overheating risk and facilitates the use of the drive even in the most hazardous of an environment. The VFD explosion-proof enclosures can even be installed within the dangerous and hazardous environment thereby reducing the installation and construction cost while posing no risk of explosion.

The basic framework of explosion proof VFD enclosures:

As we know the VFD may not be installed in division 1 and 2 location, and in the class 1 divisions. But that restriction is now thing of the past as the new enclosures have the inbuilt “heavy duty” blower that facilitates a proper airflow, which is consistent and constant. The pre-filters and innovative fibers are also used so that the airflow is not restricted at any time, operates reliably and is not impaired or damaged by the external and internal damaging components and agents.

Cost Effectiveness and Other Benefits:

The manufacture units now do not need to build a complete non-hazardous facility where they can locate their VFD in the explosion-proof panels. These facilities cost a lot towards construction and as they are usually located at the distance away from the main processes. The cost incurred towards the cable, navigating conduits and roadways are also high. Reflection of current may also cause accidents and failure of a component. The explosion-proof VFD enclosure helps industries save on all these causes and also provides for easy operation. Along with having an integrated window which is explosion proof, the explosion-proof VFD enclosures and panels also have the controls for the VFD operation.

The new explosion-proof variable frequency drive panel is rated as the NEMA or National Electrical Manufacturers Association Type 7. Another benefit of these new enclosures is that they can be maintained without a shutdown or a powering off the whole process. This feature and aspect have immense benefit for industries, as it increases uptime and productivity. The enclosures can be installed at both offshore and inshore locations.

Businesses can now use the VFD for its many different benefits in the most hazardous and high-temperature environment. All they need to do is to ensure that their VFD is located within an explosion-proof panel. All kinds of industries and scenarios can use this new technology and panel so as to prevent any untoward incident. The use of explosion-proof panels is mandatory in certain situations.

A leading explosion proof VFD panel and housing provider can offer to you the high-quality panels at an affordable cost. The suppliers also have an online presence and you can shop for your industrial equipment and products conveniently now.

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