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By AMELIA GRANT 677 views

7 Signs of a Good Bookkeeper

There are small businesses that can’t afford a bookkeeper in staff and they have to hire one in outsourcing agencies or work with freelancers. It’s a big risk because you have to trust your money to people you don’t know. However, there are ways to check how professional and trustworthy the bookkeeper you work with is.

Pay attention to the situations described below. This is how you can understand whether a bookkeeper you’ve chosen is worth working with. In addition, you will be more attentive to the choice of a specialist in the future because you will know what is important.

1. Your bookkeeper doesn’t bother you for weeks

This may sound like a relief for a busy boss but in fact, it’s a warning sign. A good bookkeeper will ask you many questions because he wants to know what is going on with the company’s finances to do his best for you. If he doesn’t ask you anything, it’s a sign of poor qualification or even dishonesty.

2. Your bookkeeper should be able to explain any number in the tax documents

A good bookkeeper knows where all the numbers come from and can show you a documental proof. If all the documents are saved, you won’t have a problem to explain it to tax specialists too. Everything should be tracked and stored.

3. Your bookkeeper should be attentive as well

Make a mistake in purpose just to check his work. A good bookkeeper should check everything. If he doesn’t ask you about this mistake, it’s a serious reason to think whether he is as professional as he claims.

4. Your bookkeeper should be able to build a dialog with tax services

Checkups, tax preparation, and communication with the tax service shouldn’t make your bookkeeper frustrated. If all the documents are in order, there’s nothing to worry about. If a bookkeeper seems nervous before the tax checkup, it’s a reason for concern.

5. Your bookkeeper shouldn’t be engaged in too many projects at a time

If the specialist you’re working with runs many companies at a time, will he be able to pay enough attention to all of them? The more projects, the less attention to your company. It’s ok if you aren’t the only one but too much is just impossible to handle properly if you have no super-abilities.

6.  Your bookkeeper shouldn’t be cheap

A price that a good bookkeeper charges for his work should be a concern even before you start working together. Good service just can’t be cheap, this concerns every service. Deal with it and don’t fall for tricks of people who estimate their time and work too low. There must be something wrong with the quality of work they provide.

7. Your bookkeeper should have ideas

A good bookkeeper isn’t just someone who prepares financial documents. It’s a person who cares and when he sees ways to improve and optimize things, he won’t be afraid to discuss it with you. 

Of course, it’s always better to have a specialist that works in your company. Try to hire one as soon as your company grows to afford it. People who see their development in your company are more loyal and interested in their work.

Amelia Grant

I am Amelia Grant, journalist, and blogger. I think that information is a great force that is able to change people’s lives for the better.