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Nice gift wrapping can attract new customers to your business. Appropriate gift wrap ensures that the recipient receives the item in nice packaging that keeps the content s intact. For any business that does gift wrapping especially in the festive season or holidays, quality material improves sales. Regardless of whether you have a retail store or have a gift wrapping business, it’s important to know the appropriate supplies to scale your business. Below are some few ideas to help you get started:

Gift wrap

This is colorful printed paper for wrapping gifts. Gift wrap comes in endless options although the item has to be in a box for appropriate wrapping. It’s easier if the item for wrapping comes in a box. In case it doesn’t have a box or has an odd shape, you have to find an appropriate box that fits the item. Luckily, wrapping paper can accommodate any product size and shape. In addition, it comes in various options including double-sided to allow creativity during the packaging. Ensure to choose gift wrap in appropriate colors that suit the recipient.

Ribbon bows

The bows are to give your package a fancier look. Adding ribbon bows to a sealed gift shows the recipient that the give went an extra mile to make something special for them. These bows are used for various purposes including to seal a gift package, decorating the package to give it a sophisticated look, and as bouquets for wedding showers. Ensure to choose a supplier with various bow styles including perfect bows, pre-notch bows, and star bows.

Gift boxes

These are the simplest forms of gift wrapping. The box exterior has a hard corrugated cardboard box to keep contents safe. Gift boxes come in various sizes, designs, and styles to support a variety of items. The boxes can be made from a layer of card stock or with colored prints with gold or silver foils. When stocking gift wrapping supplies, the boxes are a cheaper alternative. These can come in plain white or have them custom printed by the supplier. Additionally, the boxes are the most convenient to use after choosing an appropriate size and shape.


Regardless of whether you’re using gift boxes or wrapping paper, it’s important to seal your package without making it look bad. A wonderful option is to use stickers. You can use generic designed stickers or custom designed options. it’s a wonderful idea to use blank stickers for stamping with your brand logo or metal embossment. For a large wrapping project, readily printed stickers are a good option.

Name card

Gifts are incomplete without including the recipient. This helps to identify individual recipients and avoids mix up. To avoid including poorly written notes with recipient information, name cards are a great idea. A good idea is to have some custom branded cards made for such purposes such as holiday gift giving. Ensure to include a note from your company or allow the recipient to leave a note on the card.


Another low key variant for leaving a note to the recipient, the hang tag usually include the sender and recipient information. However, you have enough space to add a custom message to the recipient. This comes in handy when the package has many items for different recipients. You can use the tag to specify the recipients and items for them. Additionally, it also comes in handy for specialty gifts that might require special instructions like when to unwrap the package.

Drawstring bags

Also known as organza bags, these are made from various fabrics including velvet. Organza bags are ideal for occasions such as giving wedding favors. These bags can have transparent or non-transparent material. For company promotional needs, you can have the drawstring bags custom printed with a customized hand tag for brand awareness.

Final thoughts

Giving out gifts is a way to show others your appreciation regardless of whether it’s a business partner or a loved one. However, the quality of gift wrapping material matters a lot. For gift wrap that will leave the recipient to have a positive opinion about you, ensure to get quality wrapping supplies from a reliable store. This should offer a variety of supplies at wholesale price with an option to offer custom printing.

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