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8 Awesome Facts about Veteran Entrepreneurs

Most of the veterans after completing their services in military look for work outside the Armed Force. In fact, many veterans like Stanislav Komsky find that their US military training has given them skills that can make them successful in the business world. Hence, lots of veterans are taking advantage of their management skills.

These entrepreneurs not only serve the country but also most of them have decided to join the business world as well. And almost every one of these entrepreneurs got success outside the military. The veteran magnates help small businesses to access federal services. In fact, these entrepreneurs provide guidance to individuals in every step of entrepreneurship.

Let’s check out some awesome facts about veteran entrepreneurs:

1. They have unique skills which lead to success in business world

Military training and services help veteran’s individuals to develop and hone time management, leadership, and marketing skills. Generally, these professionals have skills including detail oriented, ability to deal pressure, determined and expertise in certain technical areas. According to Stanislav Komsky, these skills are useful in security, finance, and insurance.

2. They are more likely to start their own business

More than 45 percent of veterans initiate their own business than other individuals who did not offer their services in the military. In addition to the corporate startup, these professionals have the ability to fully commit to the business.

3. They understand the importance of teamwork

A successful career in US Army means learning how to work as a team with service colleagues because cooperation is necessary for military operations. Hence, the veteran entrepreneurs know the value of teamwork for the success of a business.

4. They bring maturity and life viewpoint to industry

Most of the veterans start their own company after getting retire from military service. According to a survey of business owners, up to 75% of veteran entrepreneurs are over age 55. Stanislav Komsky shares that this second careers choice allow veterans to implement what they have learned during their military service. In fact, they have risen through the ranks and know how to guide people having no experience.

Veteran Entrepreneurs-entrepreneurs

5. They are boosting the National Economy

After serving in the US military, the veteran’s tycoons continue to serve the country by creating a corporate job opportunity. Plus, they also improve the economy with sales and corporate revenue.

6. They know how to overcome defies

Many veterans get injured or disabled during their military services says, Stanislav Komsky. According to estimate, at least half of veteran’s entrepreneurs are disabled.

7. The US has interest in helping Veteran Entrepreneurs start and succeed as business owners

The US Veteran Entrepreneur portal is helpful for veterans looking for information on federal services that help them to start-up, fund and making long-term plans for their company.

8. They have multiple lending options so they can realize their Entrepreneurial dreams

The SBA has knowledge that appropriate funding is crucial for new corporates to prosper. That’s why SBA offers different financing plans for veterans to secure funds for their corporate needs.

Wrapping Up

The veteran entrepreneurs like Stanislav Komsky inspire others by providing their services in military and out of the military. They use their skills learned during their military services and turn them into an innovative venture.

Stanislav Komsky

Stanislav Komsky is a veteran entrepreneur and business consultant. With his business strategies and innovative ideas, he loves to help people in their startup.