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Gardening tools
By HANNAH THOMAS 1,323 views

8 Clever Ways to Get Your Garden Tools Organized

If you are a dedicated gardener or at least someone who likes to have a tidy garden, you will notice that your tool’s inventory increases with time. Not being able to find what you need is equal to not owning the tool. Also, some of us might be concerned with getting to the tools before our toddlers do. You simply can not think about all the safety hazards, so knowing that the tools are neatly stored, can help you get a peace of mind.

A Pegboard

You may wonder what is so unusual about using a pegboard as a tools organizer? As you know, you can use a peg board of any size you need, mount it on a wall, add some hooks to it and voilà! You can hang your tools as you wish. You can also use some pipe clamps to make loops, that is tool holders, on the pegboard.

Pegboard Baskets

With the help of several old wooden baskets attached to the board with S hooks, you can store smaller hand tools such as pruning shears, dribbles, etc. You can use organize the baskets per purpose, or per stages in the process, and simply pick them up and take them with you knowing you’ve got everything you need. Once you’re done, back to the board with them!

Garden hose issue resolved

A loose garden hose is a nuisance and a tripping hazard. Not to mention the possibility of children running around, playing with it and dragging it across the backyard. Now, the easiest solution would be getting a hose reel. But why buying a new thing when you can repurpose an old one? You can use an old car rim instead of a reel. Also, you can use a wall-mounted coat hanger, or any two large nails in a wall and wrap the hose around them.

A hose in a bucket

On the subject of hose, you can use an old metal bucket, possibly a wider one, to fold the hose neatly. Be sure to drill drainage holes if you’re planning on storing it like this. Otherwise, your hose will permanently be sitting in a puddle. If you choose a smaller, but still metal and sturdy basket and attach it to the wall by its bottom, you should wrap the hose around it and use the space in the middle as a shelf. You can use it to store nozzles and other attachments.

A PVC Pipe

Are you wondering what to do with the pipe? It’s simple. Cut it out to make wide loops and attach them to a wall in two rows, but keep the bottom row very close to the floor. Make sure that bottom and top loops are perfectly aligned and about 3 feet apart. If you’re not sure what these represent, try putting a broom through a pair of the loops and you’ll see you have created a perfect holder for long-handled tools.

A Pallet

Do you have a perfect spot for your large gardening tools such as a garden rake or a shovel, but they just won’t stand still? As a solution, attach a pallet to a wall. Use it in a similar fashion you would use a really narrow pencil holder. This way they’ll finally stand still when you put them in and it will be impossible for your young children to reach them.

Cleaning and storing all in one

This is a simple trick to make your job easier. Find the right size container, a flower-pot or a bucket, and fill it with the mixture of sand and mineral salts. This mixture will make sure that your small hand tools get cleaned and you can simply store them away by sticking them in the sand. When you need them, just pull them out and shake off the remaining sand. It’s that easy!

Good for your shoes, good for your tools

A lot of women use this idea to organize their kitchens, so why not use it to organize your tool shed? Get a door shoe organizer with fewer but deeper pockets. Put your tools, nails, or even seeds in it. A great perk about them is that they tend to keep things looking tidy and organized even if you just simply shove them in. The clear ones are easier to clean, and you can quickly spot the items you need to use.

Keeping your gardening tools organized is imperative. Luckily, you can easily find an inexpensive DIY solution to get the job done.

Hannah Thomas