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refund consulting australia
refund consulting australia
By MYRIAM BORG 1,679 views

8 Reasons – Why Executives Need Coaching

Wondering! Why a CEO needs a coach??

Although, the person has been selected for the position by being the best in the industry.

Band On! Think about the top athletes, yelling from the sidelines at their team.

Perhaps you think of someone on the track with a stopwatch, timing an elite sprinter during a training session. This is just the reflection of professional coaching, or of the multiple roles. The key responsibility is to keep the game in perspective, preparing athletes with the suitable set of skills and abilities to stay at the top of their game.

In the same way, an outstanding CEO Coach is an objective, non-judgmental partner who comes alongside to support his client in their journey. Also, they support executives to move forward, focusing on answers to the nuts-and-bolts “How to achieve it?” Questions.

Refund Consulting Australia have described the right coach is one who helps a client accomplish more than the client thought possible. Most importantly, coaching is not the same or simple well-meaning advice that you usually get from a friend. A coach is more objective, helping the client to achieve their full potential within a range of areas.

A great coach doesn`t involve any particular agenda or an angle. In fact, they put forth their best efforts to solve problems, hone strengths, and address weaknesses in a practical manner, practicing until the skills are second nature.

Myriam Borg, a refund consultant has signified 8 reasons – why every CEO must have a coach?

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      • Look around – public figures, musicians, and leaders. Almost every great performer work with a coach. Otherwise, it’s like operating without a mirror and acquiring an attitude that “I know I am right”. Instead, Myriam Borg, a refund consulting modified it to “I know it”. This attitude is a killer in any organization, particularly at the top!
      • A coach discloses your blind spots. Unpleasant but true! Everyone has blind spots, including the CEO. Here Myriam Borg claims that “the longer you have worked, chances are – the more barriers you have built!
      • A coach always highlights barriers that you cannot see on your own. Busting of these barriers are necessary for the sake of the organization.
      • Probably, people in an organization are not able to fully understand the perspective of a CEO – as the CEO brings in a unique perspective that can move the company forward. A coach thus takes a dispassionate view, without any biases – he says it what he sees.
      • A coach can ask you pertinent questions. Others do not have the courage or the authority to ask you. These questions bring a wholly unique perspective for the CEO – one that was not available to the CEO prior to the conversation.
      • Often, the decision of the CEO – please one group, and displease another. Thus, the CEO must need to walk a tightrope to effectively manage conflicts. The best possible solution to build these skill is with the support of a coach.

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    • Certain conversations that you cannot have with the board. Simultaneously, there are other conversations you cannot have with your second line. As discussed in recovery consulting programme – The CEO needs a partner termed as CEO Coach – who can advise on these conversations. In addition, a CEO can be open about; one who is going to be sensitive, and yet objective; honest, and yet respectful.
    • As definite by the experts of create Australia refund business – Marketplaces change, customers change, and workforces change, and what used to work may not be right for now. A Coach recognizes – where an executive becomes stuck and unable to see that a change is needed. It’s clearly much better for a CEO to learn about this type of stagnation from a coach rather than an unhappy board of directors.
    • A CEO has strong business acumen, including a proven track record of making sound business decisions. Instead of these “hard skills,” many CEOs get benefit from coaching on their “soft skills.” Such conflict resolution and inspiring motivation in the workforce. A great coach not only teaches these skills but also help executives practice them.

A coach can also help the CEO understand which skills apply to which situation, and can offer constructive practice through role-playing and other techniques.

Myriam Borg

Myriam Borg is an Australian businesswoman who coined the term momtrepreneur as her niche business style, she is the author of the highly acclaimed Lost Funds Location and Recovery Guide The Refund Consulting program 2017 version, she is credited with being the founder of the lost money Refund industry. Myriam is based between Sydney, Australia and Vava'u, Tonga. She is an avid traveler and runs her business while traveling the globe.