IT Industry If You Are a Woman

Are you a woman in the tech industry or looking to get into it? It can be difficult at times, but it’s amazing and very possible. Here are some tips on navigating the boy’s club that is the IT world:

Define what success is to you

The first step on any road is to define your goals, or what success means to you. Is it having a large paycheck, working for a great company, climbing up the corporate ladder or something else entirely?

Say it, write it, define it.

You can work from there. Some of your goals may require similar actions – larger paycheck and climbing up the corporate ladder, for instance. This way, you know which actions you need to take – in this case, taking on more responsibilities, achieving great results, showing leadership potential and a lot of networking.

Don’t base your goals on the fact that you are a woman in the male-dominated industry. Look at some of the great examples of women who thrive in this industry and see what they did.

Don’t be afraid to fail

When you have something to prove, failure seems like your worst nightmare. In all honesty, it can be – if you make it out to be.

Women are often scared of failing in this male-dominated industry because they fear that people will think that they are not good enough. But you should know that there is much to learn from each failure. Use it for your advantage.

You don’t have to be perfect

Women are often perfectionists for the same reason they fear failure – they want to prove that they are just as good as men. But you have to realize that perfectionism is not the best answer to that.

Relax, let it go. Not everything needs to be perfect. Neither do you.

Abandon society’s perception of women and focus on your true self.

See what your transferable skills are

Some women don’t think that they can get into tech because they don’t know how to code. But all of those tech companies need a lot of other professionals to keep them running. See what your transferable skills are – maybe you are a lawyer, a writer, a manager. Use it – you can get into the tech industry.


Making connections with other people from the tech industry can help you either get into it or advance further. So, don’t be afraid to network. Find influential people who can mentor you or refer you – tech industry really likes referrals.


“Before you start interacting either with a company or an individual, research them. Find out what you can about them, that can help you communicate with them more effectively. Especially if you have an upcoming interview – research is necessary,” says Tonya Belling, a Talent hunter at 1Day2write and Next Coursework.

Don’t be afraid to show off

Women often hide their accomplishments in front of men in fear that they will come off as too assertive. However, you should always take the opportunity to take the spotlight when it arises. Don’t shy away and go mute – speak loudly and proudly of your results.

Help and work with other women

“If you have already achieved certain results in the tech industry and have some authority, help other women. There is nothing better than assisting someone in their career path. Maybe you are the only woman in the room right now, but you don’t have to be in the future,” says Mikaela Grass, an HR Manager at Writemyx and Britstudent.

If you are still new to it, search for a female mentor or a friend, someone who will understand what you are going through and help you with wise words.

Being a woman in the IT industry can be scary and hard. However, it’s not impossible. Use these tips to get there.

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Michael Dehoyos
Michael Dehoyos
As a web developer at PhD Kingdom and Academic Brits, Michael Dehoyos assists companies in developing their marketing strategy concepts, while also contributing to a number of sites and publications, including the academic service Origin Writings.

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