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before you move
By KINZA SIDDIQ 352 views

9 Things To Consider Before Moving Into Your New Home

You will find that there are a lot of things to plan and consider before you move into your new house. You must come up with an unpacking plan. Think about childproofing your apartment. Make sure that all the utilities are already functioning before you set up your television set or your PlayStation. You have to make sure that the internet is working and that the security system and surveillance cameras are well connected as well. Yeah, there’s going to be a lot on your plate. But wait a minute. Let’s do all of this one by one:

1. A Complete Walkthrough Of Your Property

You cannot imagine getting yourself acquainted with your new house without doing a walkthrough of your property first. Before anything else, make sure that there are no pending repairs or need for any replacements as you move in. Identify any broken switches, bad fixtures, or dangling doors and windows left behind by the previous owner. Make sure that the lawn is in good condition too, and if not, get help from a professional. A complete walkthrough of the new property helps you pinpoint the areas that need immediate upkeep and maintenance. Needless to say, it makes sense to get acquainted with your new house and memorize which passage leads to which area before you move into it and start unpacking your stuff.

2. Child-Proofing The Critical Areas

This same walkthrough is going to help you locate all the areas that need immediate childproofing and pet-proofing as well. If you have small children in your family or inquisitive pets, it makes a lot of sense to install locks and safety equipment all over the house to prevent any shelves or cabinets from opening up on their own or with just a mild pull. You should also tamper-proof your knobs and install safety holds on your gas stove as well. You will also have to make sure that none of your electric appliances are easily accessible to your kids or pets. All the outlets, vents, exhausts, and pipes need to be covered before you finally move into the house.

3. Locating The Critical Functions

There are several critical functions in your new houses, such as safety switches, fuse boxes, plumbing controls, electrical controls, valves, vents, HVAC controls, and much more. Usually, all these controls are located in either the garage, the storage area, or the basement. It is better to understand what switch, liver, or valve controls what in your new home as you try to settle into it.

4. Performing A Deep Clean Of Your Property

How can you forget to perform a deep clean of your property? Some of the most reputable movers and packers would also suggest you do the same before you start unpacking your stuff. It is better to identify the areas that require immediate cleaning and repair work as well. Start with your kitchen and move to your bathrooms. You must invest in a few portable cleaning kits as well. Remember to go with plant-based cleaning solutions, scrubs, brushes, cotton wipes, vinegar, and also window cleaners.

5. Look For Any Areas For Repairs And Replacements

It is never a good idea to ignore the areas in your new home that might need immediate repairs and replacements. Have a closer look at the ceiling and the kitchen walls as well. You might find a few sites that could do better with a coat of fresh paint or perhaps a little bit of plaster here and there. If there are any corners of your walls that have broken or chipped recently, get them repaired before the damage escalates. If you find any water spots, mold, mildew, or any kind of water damage on your roof or ceiling, get them repaired immediately.

6. Change Your Locks And Security System

So the previous owners had their own set of locks and surveillance systems installed. They did not bother taking them down or taking them to their new house. Where does that leave you? You must get those locks changed immediately. Remember to install the latest and the most state-of-the-art surveillance and security systems as well. Get in touch with your friendly neighborhood locksmith and have him come by to do the needful. If you want to rekey any of your locks, even that can be done without much hassle. You just have to get in touch with the landlord or the realtor to understand the functioning of your digital locks so that you can change the passwords and keys on your own.

7. Get In Touch With Your Immediate Neighbors

As you start moving into your new home, unpacking all your stuff room by room, it is a great idea to get acquainted with your new neighbors. Do not hesitate in greeting them whenever you happen to make eye contact. Be more open and willing to smile. This is a great way to make new friends in your new neighborhood.

8. Spend Some Time Outside The House

Once you have set up all your stuff in your new house, it is time to explore the neighborhood a little. Check out all the new faces. Greet everyone with a smile. Go out for a walk and check out the nearest gardens and recreational areas. Go shopping and get to know the local produce market and also the nearest grocery store. Invest a little bit of time in fostering new friendships and relationships.

9. Organize A Housewarming Party

And finally, to make your house your home, let’s throw a housewarming party. Invite all your new friends, neighbors, and even the electricians, plumbers, and other handymen that helped you settle in, to your housewarming party. You don’t have to organize a very lavish or full-blown event. It can be a sweet and cozy affair with homemade chicken, iced tea, and great-tasting salads.


Just remember a few things. Do not hesitate when to ask for help from your friends and relatives to assist you in packing and unpacking. If you are looking for movers and packers, always go through their testimonials and reviews before you make the final choice. Be patient and calm and everything will fall into place.

Kinza Siddiq