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A/B Testing
By RAKESH VAGHELA 2,513 views

A/B Testing for App Store Listing Optimization

Appearance and functionality both play a crucial role in any business. Customers might get attracted to a “favorable appearance”, but they still hope to seek the “functionality” of their product or service. Buyers spend their money to purchase their products and services. Therefore, their customer experience must be suitable enough to move them into action. However, it must also be noted that “functionality” must supersede “appearance” in the long run. While appearance plays a vital role to catch the customers’ attention yet, it is the level of functionality that determines whether the “casual buyer” will turn into a “dedicated customer”.

The same principle works for apps that function in smartphones. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the various features involved in app store optimization in use at any Digital Marketing Company.

ASO and A/B Testing–

App store optimization or ASO helps increase the visibility for a mobile app over popular app stores like Windows Store (for Windows Phone), BlackBerry World (for BlackBerry devices), Google Play for Android, and App Store iOS. ASO ranks apps according to the searched keywords on the particular store. ASO places the app on the top of the list for that store.

The term A/B Testing stands for A – control or the central testing variable and B – variation or the new and latest version of the original testing variable. The final version that benefits a business with an increase in its ROI is the chosen alternative. Split testing or A/B Testing is a randomized process of experiment. In this testing, at least two or more variable versions (like a web page or page element) are brought before multiple website visitor segments at a particular time; to identify the best version that targets the highest audience.

Despite the ongoing text-based discussions on ASO or App Store Optimization, Mobile A/B Testing can still prove to be crucial. People tend to inquire about the best app-centric keywords or how a name is to be given for a fresh new app. They also ask questions about their description writing technique to help change their casual viewers to their dedicated users.

Visibility to Enable Proper Conversion–

Converting potential users to whom the app never appears on their search results into sincere customers can be a complex problem. Hence, the Mobile App Advertising Company India suggests that one must first optimize the app’s visibility on Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. The search results in either of the stores are determined by –

  • title or name of the app,
  • the keywords field (for Apple) and
  • the description keywords (for Google).


  • The Title or Name of the app – Developers should offer the title of their apps according to the ASO (app store optimization) features of the app store. Since the ASO works like the SEO, the keyword relevance has its importance. In SEO or search engine optimization, the search engine fetches the information for the user according to the keywords placed on it. In ASO or app store optimization, the app store brings out the app (or apps) based on the keywords that the users place for search.


  • ASO keywords come in five variations – They are :
  1. Problem Keywords – These keywords are more focused on the problems and needs of its users.
  2. Feature Keywords – Provide descriptions of the characteristics and functions of the USP (unique selling propositions)
  3. User Keywords – identifies the people group that use the app according to gender, age, and profession, including their roles on the app.
  4. Location Keywords – specifies the location or place and the condition for the use of the app. They can include general names like “park” or “multiplex” or contain names of various countries and different cities.
  5. Action Keywords – identifies the actions of the user at the time of their usage or after using the app.
  • Description keywords – The description field plays a vital role in search ranking. It is advisable to repeat the individual keywords about four to five times in a description. Sometimes a short description can turn into a meta-description during a web search. Hence, considering the appropriate kind of keyword placement can prove to be beneficial.

Increasing App View Conversions into App Installs–

The search results can convert into the design elements of an app concerning –

  1. The icon of the app.
  2. The relevant screenshots are provided with the app.
  3. The inclusion of promo videos of the app.
  1. The icon – The icon of an app highlights the unique brand identity of that app. The icon is a representation of the app or its developer organization. They can help customers to determine the identity of the company from a small and single image. The Best ASO Company India recognizes the importance of an icon that drives conversions with app installations.
  2. The screenshot – Screenshots are the “on-screen images” of an app that offer a general idea about the UI of the app. It can help new customers to judge whether or not they want to download and try the app. App developers who provide helpful screenshots of their apps become successful as they obtain a higher download rate than their competitors from the customers.
  3. Promo Videos – Video advertising is an efficient way to promote services and products to buyers. While static screenshots offer fixed pictures of the app to the customers, attaching videos to the demo can drive the interests of the users to a higher level. The promotional videos also offer complete details on the usage of the app. As a result, viewers can gain a better and more precise idea of the app from the videos and can decide whether they would download it or not. Hence, these “promotional videos” can contribute to generating a higher visitor and user volume than static screenshots. As a result, there remains a higher probability for apps that use video advertising to obtain additional downloads than those that use screenshots.

The first few introductory lines in the app description can affect the decision of the user on whether they want to install the app on their device or are they willing to scroll to the next one.

Two of the significant portions of ASO are–

  1. Visibility optimizations on search results.
  2. Design elements optimization to convert from views to installs.

The A/B Testing feature can help developers understand the new improvements that need to be placed on an app to function better. In addition, various Mobile App Marketing Services offer reliable solutions that can drive sales higher through better ASO listings.

Rakesh Vaghela

Rakesh Vaghela is a digital marketing specialist, copywriter, and SEO Expert of the digital marketing company at Digital Infoways. He writes for digital marketing publications and has consulted.