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If you are new to plastering, then there are a few things that you need to ponder on before starting the process. The first and foremost requirement is to ensure that the plasterer has done a proper preparation prior to starting the job. Also, do your homework well before hiring a plasterer.

What important points do you need to keep in mind while getting the plastering done? Read on…

Always, look for an expert who has a sound knowledge of the repairs and other related services. Choose the area where you need to get the work done. If you are choosing a novice plaster then it is advised to start from the bedroom with an existing finish. (TIP: It is best to start where you have an existing finish. This will make things easier for you.)

Stay Mindful the First Time! 



You can plaster skim the bedroom walls as many times you want until you are satisfied. You must also be well-aware as to what a plasterer is supposed to do.

  • While plastering, always prefers to start with low pressure than high pressure. Hitting the walls with high pressure in the first time itself makes it extremely difficult to rework.
  • A decent plastering course will give you the required confidence. After all, ‘all knowledge is a good knowledge’.
  • While carrying out the plastering work, maintain cleanliness in your surroundings and ensure that there is a good supply of water.

Keep your equipment clean too – that’s the key to a successful plastering. Plastering equipment is, usually, replaced if it is not cleaned with water before the usage. If the plastering equipment has dried plaster on it, then it is of no use since dried plaster is difficult to clean.  Therefore, it is always recommended to clean the traces of plaster thoroughly when it is wet. Plasterer must know all these things before starting the work else it can lead to loss of money and materials.

Good Water Supply is Required: Before starting the job, ensure that there is a good supply of water. Emi-dried plasters require running water to clean them. This can be a problem in a few areas where you there is a shortage of clean running water. Under such a scenario, as a precautionary measure, it is best to fill some buckets with fresh water before starting the job. Always use clean water because contaminated water mixed with plaster will not produce the desired results. (TIP: For effective results, use drinking water for mixing the plaster.)

How Would You Achieve Good Plastering Work?

You can use some DIY tools to concealing the concrete surfaces and even you can also pour some readymade plastering membranes on cracks or holes of the concrete surface. But you cannot do the entire plastering work with your DIY tools. In this regard, you need to hire professional plasterers, because they are trained in this field and they can easily complete your plastering work with utmost accuracy level. Before hiring a plasterer, you need to follow the below guidelines:

  • It is suggested to check their license and insurance papers before hiring. The license can ensure you about their authorization and experience level, and insurance you protect you from any kind of liability.
  • Apart from that, you must read their customer reviews and check their experience level before hiring.
  • In this case, you can search the plasterers online and ask for the quotes from two to three companies. Then compare their quotes and hire an affordable one for your project.

So, do proper research before hiring a plasterer and always choose a licensed and trustworthy plasterer for your home improvement.

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