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bariatic hospital bed
By NIKKI CROSS 1,956 views

All You Need to Know about Bariatric Hospital Bed

Most of the hospital beds are designed to accommodate patients of average weight and body size. So if you put a bariatric patient on those beds, they will definitely face several challenges. That is why there exists an entirely different category of bariatric hospital beds. These alternatives have numerous features that make them suitable for patients of large body sizes and higher weights. You need to understand all these characteristics before purchasing the bed.

#1 Special Desing

There are two design aspects that make these beds different from the regular hospital beds:

  • Understructure: The unique understructure of these beds get created to support body weight from 600 pounds to 1,000 pounds. While other variants may break or cause trouble with so much weight, these work quite well. Therefore, neither the patient nor the hospital staff has to worry about any accidents that can happen due to excessive weight.
  • Height: Bariatric patients have difficulty getting off and on from the height of regular hospital beds due to their high weight. That is why bariatric beds are created with a lower elevation. So the obese patient doesn’t face any challenge while getting on or off the bed. To make their task even more convenient, you need to accompany the beds with a suitable mattress and zippered mattress cover.

Several such design variations make bariatric hospital bed perfect for patients of higher weights.

#2 Bigger Size

The beds’ overall size is kept more extensive than the regular beds so that the obese patient feels most comfortable on them. They also have suitable bariatric mattresses to accompany them. These mattresses offer much more comfort and support to the patient. However, remember to use zippered mattress covers with them for additional protection of the bed.

#3 Made For Easy Movement

The patient has to be moved several times from one bed to another before and after their treatment. Plus, they may need to get on the bed and off from it multiple times in a day. Regular hospital beds make these movement tasks difficult for the patient and also for the hospital staff. But the problem gets solved with unique bariatric beds. These alternatives have features like removable sidebars that make the overall moving process more manageable. Therefore, the chances of injuries or accidents reduce significantly.

#4 Durability

As stated above, bariatric hospital beds are specially designed for patients with excess weights. That is why the manufacturers keep them extremely durable. So even after the bed is used for a long time by obese patients, it remains intact. The same factor goes for bariatric mattresses. They are durable as well. Moreover, you can cover them with proper zippered mattress covers to extend their life.


All in all, we can say that bariatric beds provide more comfort to obese patients while they are on the bed and while moving from it. Therefore, they don’t feel any difficulty and recover properly within less time. To make these beds more effective, you also need to accompany them with bariatric mattresses and proper covers.

Nikki Cross

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